Issue 4/2016:

gr416-grBusiness Chances: Turkey Introduces Incentives for Investments, Modernization of the Iranian Raw Materials Sector: Chances for Investors and Providers, India – Recycling of Old Cars and Trucks, Future Opportunities in the Gulf Region

Newsflash: New Objective: Towards a 100 Percent Recyclable Aircraft, Market Report – Commercial Aircraft Disassembly, Dismantling & Recycling, Recovery of Gold and Palladium from E-Scrap, UK – Start-Up of the New Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility

Enterprises: US Automotive Aluminum Recycling at a Very High Rate, USA – GM Recycles Water Bottles to Make Car Parts, Kia – Recycling Rate Increased by 93.7 Percent, Malaysian Company Ordered Recycling Plant for E-Scrap, Rapid Growth – Global E-Waste Management Market, Best Practices in Recycled Plastics, Veolia Joins New Plastics Economy Initiative, Recycling Meets Fashion, New Textile Sorting Plant in United Arab Emirates

Markets: Turkey – Huge Market Potential and Dynamics by Establishing New Partnerships, New Gas Blending Technology for Landfill Cogeneration Units, Raw Material Imports Reflect the Economic Situation, Turkey – Business as Usual, High Investments in the Environmental Sector, “We are relying on Methods, which are no longer contemporary“, An Efficient Solution for Mixed Waste, A Waste-Schengen Zone: Rather a Dream Than Reality, Ghana Gets Support to Recycle E-Waste, Global Solid Waste Management Market: Strong Growth up to 2023, Russia – There Will Be a Change, Sustainable Phosphorus Use, Cuba’s Recycling Industry – Slowly Requested by Foreign Investors, Demand for Copper Could Increase by 213 to 341 Percent

Machinery: New System for Fiber and Film Sorting, Chinese Waste to Be Treated with European Technology, Eddy Current Separators “Made in Spain”, VacuDry Drilling Mud Treatment Plant Delivered to Baku, High-Performance Machinery, New Landfill Compactor, Mexico’s First Commercial Waste to Energy Facility Started Up, Colombian Egg Producer Invests in German Energy Plant Technology

Events: Electronics & Cars Recycling (World Recycling Forum), Plast Eurasia İstanbul 2016, IFAT Eurasia 2017, IdentiPlast 2017, Plastics Recycling Show Europe Moves to Amsterdam

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Issue 3/2016:

gr316grBusiness Chances: Brazil – New Guidelines Highlight Trade and Investment, Colombia Plans Major Project, Latin America – A Market with Great Potential, Owners of Polymetrix Plan to Sell Shares to an Industrial Partner

Enterprises: Vehicle Airbags: Shredder Operators Have to Be Careful, Solvay Realizes Airbag Recycling, Malaysia – Exports from Automotive Recycling Industry Will Grow, Global Recycled Plastic and Plastic Waste to Oil Market, New Logistics Model Developed, New Electronic Waste Processing Plant for Qatar, USA – Austin-based Company to Build a Magnet Recycling Plant, Australia – Solar Panel Recycling is an Emerging Business, EBRD Acquires Stake in Şişecam’s Turkish Glas Recycling Arm, Circular Economy for Paper: Better Design and Management Guidelines, USA – Glass Recycling Coalition Launched

Newsflash: Latest Version of National Inventory of Hazardous Wastes Released, Arrow Value Recovery Opens Sales Office in China, Veolia North America Acquires Sulfur Product Assets, USA – New Recycling Exhibit in Las Vegas, USA – Investor Buys Controlling Interest of Recycler and Furniture Maker, The Resource Circulation Equipment Market

Markets: Investment Opportunities in Brazil, Aluminum Recycling – Brazil Remains the World-Leader, Recycling in Chile: A Promising Start to Close the Loop, Mexico – Councils Have Little Margin for Investments, Australian Waste Management – Not Yet an Entity, Israel – (Slowly) Changing by a “Recycling Revolution“, Industrial Waste Management Market Showing Strong Growth, East African Community Intends to Phase Out Imports of Second-Hand Clothing, Styrofoam Made of Wood

Machinery: Do Not Let the Ignition Source Take the Initiative, German Company Replaces Shredding Equipment, Machinex Expands its Baler Range, Starlinger – New Plastics Recycling Line, USA – New Ash Metal Recovery Facility, Chemical Products from Plant Residues, Romanian Aluminum Producer Increases Scrap Processing Capacity

Processing Methods: REnescience: A New Technology with Global Ambitions, New Generation of Handheld Metal Alloy Analyzers, Some Solutions for End-of-Life Tires

Events: Plans to Launch a “World Council of Recycling Associations”, China International Plastic Recycling Conference and Exhibition, RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference 2016, Annual Waste Management Middle East Forum 2016, K 2016 – Plenty of Potential for Recycling, Ecomondo + Key Energy, Pollutec 2016

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Issue 2/2016:

GLOBAL-RECYCLING_2-2016Business Chances: China Has Plenty of Opportunities, Opportunities in India, Global Electronic Scrap Recycling Market Expected to Reach 34.32 Billion US-Dollar, Investment Opportunities in Georgia

Enterprises: USA – Paper Mills Prefer Separately Collected Recovered Paper, Europe – Revised Guidelines on Paper for Recycling Quality Control, Maximum Storage Capacity with Legioblock, USA – New Single-Stream Material Recovery Facility for Chicagoland, Beijing Enterprises Holding Buys German Company, Taiwan – New Recycling Fee Rate Discount Measures, Taiwan’s E-Waste Recycling

Newsflash: PV Module Take-Back and Recycling in Japan, The Chinese Way to Recycle Carbon Fiber Waste, Hong Kong – Suez Renews Contract with Shatin Transfer Station, Averda with Operations in the Republic of Congo, Ethiopian Cement Company Gets Energy from Waste, Green Fence Recycling Corporation Invests in South Carolina, New Tool for European Packaging Waste Legislation, Israel – Reduction of Plastic Waste

Markets: China Bets on Circular Economy, Armenia: A Step Forward to Develop Solid Waste Management, Japan – A Mature Waste Market with Opportunities, New Zealand – A Proposal to Reduce Packaging Waste, Slowly Cracking the Chains – Iran‘s Waste Management is Going to Awake, The European Market for Plastic Sorting and Recycling

Machinery: Cable Box – A New Compact Recycling Line in Containers, New Balance Crane for Recycling Purposes, IFAT: The “Perfect Offer” Made by Komptech, Screening Machines – Made in Germany, ITAD Market Expected to Reach 18.18 Billion US-Dollar, Multi-Purpose Splitter Separates up to Three Fractions, New Magnetic Separator Recovers Printed Circuit Boards

Processing Methods: Meat and Bone Meal as a Source of Phosphorus, Turning Waste Cotton into New Fiber for the Fashion Industry

Events: Three Days in the World of Automobile Recycling, First International Exhibition & Conference in Oman, IFAT 2016, 21st International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2016, Venice Symposium 2016

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Issue 1/2016:

GLOBAL-RECYCLING_1-2016Business Chances: Lagos State Government Seeks Collaboration on Its E-Waste Initiative, Hong Kong Will Soon Get Its First WEEE Treatment Facility, Suez Speeds Up Its Development in the Industrial Sector in China, Croatian Firm Recognized for Its Technology, Apollo Tyres Ltd Increases Its Focus on Retreading in India

Enterprises: Buhler Sortex and NRT Joined Forces on Plastics Recycling Sorting, US-Company Acquires Multiple Biogas Facilities in Italy, European Union Opens up 24 Billion Euro of Existing Finance to Circular Economy Businesses, Building Work on Metal Recovery Facility in Singapore, Effective Fire Protection with Flexible Elements, Vietnam – Free Take-Back Program for Used or Defective Electronics

Newsflash: New Worldwide Metal Recycling Scrap Network, Finnish Expertise for Italian Waste Water, Erema Founds Subsidiary in Russia, Alba Group Plans to Boost Business and Service Activities

Markets: “The Benefits of Recycling Are still Under-Acknowledged”, New Project Aims to Reduce Textile Waste, Nigeria Has Many Business Prospects to Offer, Metal Recycling Market – Forecast to 2020, Waste Management: Arab Countries Are Looking for Solutions, Qatar Intends to Increase Waste Management Plant Capacity, Plastic Recycling in the Gulf Region, Namibia: Long-term Market Opportunities Ahead, Good Prospects for Waste Paper Management

Machinery: Netherlands – ARN’s Solution for Automotive Shredder Residue, New SRF Production Capabilities in South Korea, ROAR – Joint Project to Develop a Robot for Refuse-Handling, Epson‘s PaperLab Turns Waste Paper Into New Paper, New Maintenance Platform to Increase Safety

Events: Third European Aircraft Recycling Symposium, IARC 2016 – How to Stop Illegal Export of ELVs, European Plastics Recycling Show Rescheduled for March 22-23, REW Istanbul 2016, SUM 2016

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First Issue 1/2015:

GLOBAL-RECYCLING_1-2015Business Chances: Austin (Texas): New Industrial Park for Recycling and Reuse Industry, Scholz Holding Aims to Strengthen its Capital Base

Enterprises: Austrian Machinery for South Africa, GreenParts International Intends to Expand its Business Globally, Confidence in Operational Reliability, Global Market Outlook: Paper and Paperboard Packaging, The Dutch Way to Use Leftover Concrete, Norwegian Firm Invested in New Technology to Reuse PVC Leftovers, The Millionth Shredder Hammer – Made by SWB, Appliance Recycling Centers of America Reports Declines in Revenues

Newsflash: Success Fueled by Growth: RiverRoad Waste Solutions Inc. , KMR Stainless Changes Brand Name to Oryx Stainless, Strongco Corporation Extends Distribution of Material Handlers in Canada, CarTakeBack Expands Scrap Car Recycling Service to Ireland

Markets: Major Investments in U.S. Recycling Infrastructure Necessary, Global E-Waste Management Market: A Billion Dollar Business, Scrap Recycling in U.S. Has Increased Economic Impact, Latin America: On the Way towards Legal E-Waste Frameworks, Waste Recycling in South Africa: The Private Sector is Called upon, Tunisia: Waste Management on the Rise, Recycling of C&D Waste in India: First Steps Taken, Doppstadt Solutions for Japan/Fukushima: Skimming Radioactive Soil, Polystyrene Market is Projected to Reach 28.2 Billion Dollar

Machinery: E-Scrap Recycling: Efficient by Image Processing and LED Flashlight, Solutions for the Tough Demands in Recycling, Terex Finlay C-1545 Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher, Processing Experts, New Sensor Sorter for Better Results, Mechanical Belt Fasteners Reduce Downtimes, New: Mobile Eddy Current Separators, Modular Plastics-Recycling-Systems

Events: Eco Expo Asia, Electronics Recycling Asia WRF 2015, China International Recycled Fiber Conference, 16th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2016, 23rd European Tyre Recycling Conference, Save the Planet

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