Romanian Aluminum Producer Increases Scrap Processing Capacity

Alro S.A., one of the largest aluminum producers in Continental Europe (excluding Russia and Scandinavia) has launched an investment program of more than 53 million US-Dollar. This program for 2016 includes the expansion of scrap processing capacity of Eco Cast House, such as to reach a capacity of 90,000 tons per year. In addition, the […]

Chemical Products from Plant Residues

A relatively new business line currently being established is the use of fibrous plant residues to generate bio-based chemicals. For the extraction of reusable substances, German company BHS-Sonthofen has supplied the largest indexing belt filter in the company’s history to an undisclosed American customer. Commissioning is planned for autumn 2016. According to the provider, the […]

USA: New Ash Metal Recovery Facility

In June this year, U.S.-based Republic Services, Inc. and Lab USA unveiled a state-of-the-art ash metal recovery facility at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill (Washington).  According to Republic Services, Inc., the advanced process allows for the reclamation of metals found in ash previously lost through traditional methods of resource recovery. “The facility is set to process […]

Enviro’s new patent strengthens its international position

Environmental technology company Enviro has received approval for a new patented technology for recycling used tyres. The new patent updates and reinforces the previous EHD patent which makes possible the processing of extracted carbon black and oil products. “The patent has major market value because it reinforces our long-term and international competitive position. It also […]

New Plastics Recycling Line

Austrian-based manufacturer Starlinger unveiled its new plastics recycling line recoSTAR dynamic 215 in June. According to the company, with this line it has increased its capacity range for polyolefin recycling. The recoSTAR dynamic 215 was purpose-built to customer specifications regarding output and minimized operator involvement. The high degree of automation makes it possible to operate […]

Machinex Expands its Baler Range

The Machinex Group has introduced its two ram high capacity baler series to the American market. Designed to meet the multi-purpose needs of recyclers, the new baler series maximizes density while reducing operating costs, the provider is convinced. “The unique pre-fill device increases main ram cycle speed in both forward and reverse modes. This device […]

German Company Replaces Shredding Equipment

Andritz MeWa, part of international technology Group Andritz, has received an order from German company Nothnagel Wertstoffverarbeitung GmbH to supply three UG 1600 S universal granulators. The machines will be used for post-shredding of composite materials and replace the shredding technology used to date. The waste material treated consists largely of steel wire and other […]

Do Not Let the Ignition Source Take the Initiative

Modern spark detection and extinguishment systems are imperative as preventive fire protection systems. Basic precondition for danger potentials are combustible raw materials which are processed to small pieces. Today‘s industrial productions are characterized by the fact that all parameters involved in the production process are precisely known and can be influenced at any time and […]

Styrofoam Made of Wood

Wood that cannot be commercially exploited could be used as replacement for less eco-friendly materials. Researchers at Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology think maybe we could soon say goodbye to polystyrene, the petroleum-based material that is used to make Styrofoam. They found a way to make a new shock-absorbing material from wood. Trademarked under […]

East African Community Intends to Phase Out Imports of Second-Hand Clothing

Some countries considered used clothing to be a product generated by expert sorting operations according to well-recognized market specifications. However, there is disagreement within EU member states as to whether used clothing/textiles should be considered waste in different circumstances and when such items cease to become waste.  In addition, some countries in other parts of […]

Israel: (Slowly) Changing by a “Recycling Revolution“

“In the State of Israel, we’re used to just dumping our garbage,”Yakutiel Tzipori, a spokesperson for the Environment Ministry, told the Jewish Telegraph Agency in January 2012. And added: “We’re a developing country and everything else was more important, like security and defense; the environment just wasn’t at the top of the list. But now […]

Australian Waste Management: Not Yet an Entity

Australia is one of the highest waste generating countries in the world per head of population. Population growth and increasing consumerism have led to increasing solid waste being generated. Traditionally, solid waste has been disposed of in landfills. But “in the past 25 years, recycling in Australia has undergone a revolution, from the introduction of […]

Mexico: Councils Have Little Margin for Investments

According to expert opinion, the Mexican economy will probably grow about 2.4 percent in 2016. However, the Mexican crude oil‘s low price has caused the government to reduce their expenses. After the Senate and the House of Representatives had already adopted a lower budget for 2016, further cuts were made in February this year. A […]

Recycling in Chile: A Promising Start to Close the Loop

On May 17, Chile’s President Bachelet signed a new framework law that supports recycling in the country. Consequently, a whole new market will be developed. The South American Country is on its way to build up a sustainable waste management, including waste separation, treatment and processing. Since 2010, Chile is the first South American country […]

Aluminum Recycling: Brazil Remains the World-Leader

Aluminum recycling in Brazil is highly effective and virtually all scrap available is recycled. In 2014, Brazil recycled 540,000 tons of aluminum. “The relationship between this volume and the domestic consumption of aluminum indicates a percentage of 35.2 percent, which exceeds the world average of 29.9 percent (2011 basis)”, the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) reported. […]