IMPACTPapeRec: Project Conference and Informative Meeting

The European project IMPACTPapeRec will organize its “Project Conference and Informative Meeting” to be held on 24 January in Barcelona, Spain.

Personnel involved in recycling and sustainability issues working in the paper industry, EU municipalities, waste management companies, policy makers, standardization bodies and citizen associations are invited to join this event to learn more and share their ideas to increase separate collection of paper for recycling in Europe. Registration to the event is free of charge in the framework of this project supported by the EU.

IMPACTPapeRec, a consortium of 19 partners from eight countries, was launched in Valencia in February 2016. Its objective is to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling (PfR) and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration.

According to the information, the project will last over a period of two years and is financed by the European Union Horizon 2020 program. It has evolved from a commitment on separate paper collection in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials “IMPACT – Introduction and Improvement of Separate Paper Collection to avoid landfilling and incineration”.  IMPACTPapeRec wants to turn this initiative into real activities to be carried out in the identification and implementation of best practices for PfR collection in Europe.

As reported, the project is intended to act as the common European information point for PfR collection for the European industry, by pooling and disseminating information and bringing together stakeholders from the value chain to exchange results, findings and experiences. A handbook will be developed to support the different EU regions in the implementation of best collection procedures.

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Photo: O. Kürth