Eddy Current Separators “Made in Spain”

Eddy current separators are widely used to recover non ferrous metals in different industries.

Felemamg, a Spanish manufacturer of magnetic solutions for over 45 years, has extensive experience in the provision of equipment for waste treatment facilities in Spain and abroad. The company realizes two concepts with regard to eddy current separators.

Photo: Felemamg

On one side, Felemamg has developed the transversal magnetic metal separator type “SFM-29-T” machine with patent number PCT W07000212ES. This equipment has been specially designed to recover fine grain sizes (ranging from few microns to 4 millimeters) such as aluminium and copper, among others, from a non-electrically conductive material. The material will pass through a vibrating groove where the separation will be carried out transversally due to a magnetic roller made of rare earth magnets turning at high speed. In this way, two material flows are segregated in the groove. The former, the electrical conductive metals fall down the step on the groove and they are led to the evacuation point already segregated from the main flow. The latter, non-electrically conductive metals follow their trajectory without being influenced by the magnetic field.

On the other side, the Spanish company has a wide experience in manufacturing eddy current separators with an eccentric magnetic rotor. This model represents a great step forward with respect to concentric models because the eccentric rotor greatly reduces wear on the conveyor and the non-magnetic housing. Eccentricity (110 millimeters) minimizes maintenance requirements and extends the life of the machines.

The powerful SFME-29 magnetic rotor (271 millimeters diameter) enables to achieve extremely high efficiency because it repels non-ferrous metals with great force, causing them to eject into the discharge hopper. The separator is fitted with a high housing shell as a standard feature to provide greater safety during operation. This prevents the possibility of pieces rolling or being projected from the unit. Similarly, these separators come with a front hood to give them a very compact design. Such features not only prevent the projection of objects but also help to reduce the risk of operators becoming trapped.


Photo: Felemamg