VacuDry Drilling Mud Treatment Plant Delivered to Baku

The VacuDry by econ industries is a proven and resource-conserving technology. But the delivery of the two VacuDry 2×12,000 plants for drilling mud to Baku, Azerbaijan was a special event.

Equipment was stowed right up to the top in no less than 48 standard containers, each 40 feet long. Further system components were packed in wooden crates and found place on 13 heavy-duty transports. Together with 12 standard trucks the plant reached its final destination in the desert near the Caspian Sea from January to March 2016. As the main components were already assembled in Germany and only had to be positioned on site, the mechanical construction, the electrical wiring and parts of the commissioning were in time. As the local trend news agency reported, the plant was ready to be taken over by the Azerbaijani state oil company Socar in an opening ceremony on 23rd of September 2016, in attendance of Gordon Birrell, BP Regional President for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.  The two VacuDry plants were ordered to process drilling mud for the purpose of reuse. Designed by VacuDry manufacturer Econ Industries for the recycling of 26 different types of waste and a production capacity of 100,000 tons per year, the plants allow to recover more than 16,000 tons of high-quality synthetic re-usable drilling oil per year. The implementation of the project – Socar President Rovnag Abdullayev is quoted – costs over 60 million manats (33 million Euro), but “will allow drilling companies to save tens of millions of dollars“.