High-Performance Machinery

On the international scene, and in solid urban and industrial waste treatment in particular, Italian-based company Forrec stands out for its ability to provide its partners with a truly effective solution to their needs: its experience in the sector and the technical expertise of its research and development department guarantee a tailor-made answer to every requirement.

Solid urban waste needs appropriate treatment prior to sorting or preparation for incineration. Forrec has designed a line that cuts the number of material preparation steps, providing quality output with a primary shredder (FR multi-crusher) and a screening machine, a combination that avoids the need for secondary grinding, with its attendant high running costs and non-stop maintenance due to the heavy wear caused by the nature of the product.

This innovative system, conceived, designed, built and already tested by Forrec, has what it takes to eliminate the problems encountered with other types of treatment. Forrec‘s surveys and research have shown that the market needs rugged yet simple solutions, to reduce the costs generated by the specific characteristics of solid urban waste, which creates extremely high levels of wear on all components made from lightweight materials, writing them off in double-quick time.

As well as its high-performance FR multi-crusher, Forrec has built a screening machine with all components in contact with the waste in hard-wearing hardened, tempered steel to minimize maintenance costs while still guaranteeing perfect screening, high output and none of the typical problems of disc screening machines, such as the winding of material around the shafts. This ideal design from Forrec has attracted the interest of the South-East Asian market, where large groups have been quick to see its real benefits, its many applications and its absolute reliability with low maintenance costs.

The appreciation and trust these Groups have shown in Forrec‘s technology lays the foundations for business which will lead to repeat applications at a large number of sites, to meet the market‘s huge demand.

The positive feedback already received confirms that the technology used can make the difference compared to the market‘s standard offering. Forrec‘s professionalism is a constant, its innovation goes on and on …


Photo: Forrec srl