Mexico’s First Commercial Waste to Energy Facility Started Up

The facility which is running in Hermosillo, Sonora, began to take shape two years ago, when the company Promotora Ambiental SAB de CV (PASA) set out to enter the waste to energy (WtE) market.

With more than 6,500 employees, a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and 43 waste management facilities in Mexico, the firm handles 25,000 tons of waste every day. But acknowledging the growing pressures being placed on the country’s resource infrastructure, PASA sought to produce a renewable fuel from its residual commercial and industrial (C&I) waste.

Following a global search for the best-fit shredding technology, PASA purchased the XR cutter waste shredder from international brand Untha. Following detailed discussions and trials, the XR was shipped to Mexico by sea-freight, completed by a discharge conveyor and overband magnet for metal extraction. During commissioning, the technology achieved the required output of 12 tons of processed feedstock per hour.

The team plans to further refine the RDF (refuse derived fuel) manufacturing process, to heighten the plant’s capacity to 200 tons per day, by June 2017.

According to available information, the activities of Promotora Ambiental SAB de CV are structured in four areas: waste management services (private and residential collection, operation of landfills), water and biotechnology (sewage, wastewater treatment and distribution of potable water), oil industry services (development and implementation of logistics for the management and treatment of waste resulting from well drilling activities), and Ecomar (mainly dedicated to the dismantling of obsolete ships).

Photo: Untha / Scriba PR