Colombian Egg Producer Invests in German Energy Plant Technology

The German company Weltec Biopower will build an anaerobic digestion plant for Colombia‘s largest egg producer. The 800-kW biogas plant is to be brought on line in early 2017.

In terms of the feedstock input, the operator Incubadora Santander, which produces about 3.5 million eggs a day, plans to make use of the co-digestion of dry chicken manure from the laying hens and process water from the production. According to Weltec Biopower, the feedstock will be pre-treated in a sedimentation tank. There, the manure will be separated from sand and lime and will be pumped into the 4,903-cubic meters digester by way of an upstream storage unit with a capacity of 1,076 cubic meters. “Through the co-digestion, the digestate will reach a high fertilizer value, enabling it to be returned into the plant‘s agricultural substance cycle for efficient use as liquid manure on its own fields,” the company said.

The Colombian government is supporting the generation of renewable energies. Goal is to increase the share of renewable energies in the power network to 6.5 percent by 2020. Especially Colombia‘s agricultural industry is producing large quantities of side products and waste that can be used for energy generation purposes. The country‘s energy potential for biomass is estimated at 16 GWh a year. So far, these have been used almost exclusively for the production of biodiesel and ethanol, but this will doubtlessly change in the near future.

Photo: Weltec Biopower