BIR forces public relations for first Global Recycling Day

In 2016, BIR launched the project of organising a Global Recycling Day. Now BIR presents a brochure to its members attending the 2016 World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) in Amsterdam. Furthermore a dedicated website will be filled with more information on actions, stakeholders, supporters, campaigns etc.

Additionally, a ‘Online Petition’ is aiming to dramatically increase the visibility of the international recycling industry and vigorously highlight the important contribution of recycling to climate change mitigation and the protection of this planet. As a result, political decision makers, other industrial sectors and the public will be aware of who BIR is and how the recycling industry benefits society.

The brochure can be viewed online under The website is accessible under The online petition is to be found under

Source: BIR – Bureau of International Recycling