USA: Memphis Region Recycling Gap Analysis

A new report provides an overview of a recent collaborative effort called CART – the Coalition to Advance Recovery in Tennessee. According to the company’s own information, beverage carton producer Tetra Pak is committed to supporting local partnerships and projects to help increase recycling rates.

For this purpose the company published a report, which also shares the results of a recycling system gap analysis performed in the Memphis Area. As reported, the data gathered during the Memphis Region Gap Analysis presents a way to measure uptake of recycling best practices, provides recycling program details and benchmarks performance for municipalities and counties in the region. “It also provides clear opportunities to develop hub and spoke recycling systems in this city region,” the company said. Increasing material recovery in Tennessee to the national average and beyond would further the interests of both the public and private sectors. “It will produce thousands of processing and manufacturing jobs and build upon an existing, steady base of infrastructure in the state. Local industries are hungry for the additional feedstock and it makes sound business sense to use local materials.”

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