Oman: Two New Mixed Waste Recycling Systems

In the course of this year, two mixed waste processing facilities will start up in Oman.

The 220 tons per day (Ibri) and 150 tons per day (Buraimi) systems will treat municipal solid waste from the governorates of Al Dhahirah and Al Buraimi in northwest Oman.

As reported, in 2016 French company Veolia and Oman-based partner Al Ramooz were awarded a seven-year waste management contract tendered by Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah). The contract includes the collection, transportation and landfilling for 250,000 residents. To fulfill this contract, Al Ramooz National LLC takes charge of collection, material processing and recovery. To maximize recovery and product quality, the Oman-based company has selected the patented MSW process of US-based recycling equipment producer Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), combining screen, air and optical separation technologies to capture recyclable commodities and to produce fuel.

According to the provider, the systems will feature the BHS Metering Bin Liberator Class to open bags and provide the system a steady flow of material. BHS Tri-Disc screens extract organics and separate containers from fiber while Nihot Single Drum Separators segregate dry recyclables from bulkier items, such as wood and rock. NRT’s In-Flight Sorting optical technology targets PET, HDPE, PP and PVC. Cardboard, mixed paper, ferrous metals and aluminum are also recovered.

Graphic: BHS

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