Turkish-American Joint Venture in Metal Recycling

According to a press release, two companies are getting ready for contributing in the Turkish industry and economy by recycling the inactive slag which is stored in their iron and steel plants into value added products.

Turkey’s Tosyali Holding is teaming up with U.S. firm Harsco Corporation: Both enterprises have founded a new joint venture at Tosçelik plants in Osmaniye for metal recycling services and slag sales.

“Following the big collaboration with the Japanese Toyo Kohan, Tosyali Holding has succeeded in bringing American Harsco to Turkey,” the Turkish partner said. “Being among the largest iron and steel industry suppliers with its experience of a century, Harsco Corporation offers services as technology partner for a cleaner and productive metal manufacturing. The company, which offers effective solutions to turn production waste streams into useful commercial use, continues its operations in more than 30 countries.”

As reported, Harsco has entered in the Turkish steel manufacturing sector for the first time. “This agreement supports Tosçelik’s target to become the first plant in Turkey to create a world class solution for metal recycling and whole sale. With its annual manufacturing capacity over 50 million tons, Turkey remains the second largest steel manufacturer of Europe after Germany.”

Tosyali Holding is said to be one of the leading industrial groups both in Turkey and the world and second largest steel pipe manufacturer of Europe. The company continues its operations in 18 plants in Turkey, Algeria and Montenegro with more than 6,000 employees in total.

Harsco has started its operation in the 1850s by offering slag disposal services to steel manufacturers. Later, it has extended its operations with on-site logistic-service network with the purpose of offering solutions which provide productivity in raw material and product management. With approximately 12,000 employees, Harsco offers logistic and environmental solutions to its customers.


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