Global Water Recycle and Reuse Market

Zion Market Research has published the analysis report titled „Water Recycle and Reuse Market: Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2021“.

According to the information, growth in the global water recycling and reuse market is spontaneously increasing. As water is essential for the survival of all races on this planet, the market was never confronted with loss in this industry. Researches show a significant amount of growth in the market, Zion Market Research stated. “This is due to an increase in the awareness between people for the importance of water. Activities such as large-scale urbanization led to pollution of water, air, soil, and noise. This has resulted in the scarcity of water as well. Thus, it is necessary that we focus towards recycling of water and it‘s reusing.”

The recycled water is used for many purposes. It is mainly used for non-potable purposes, as toilet flushing, agricultural irrigation, and industrial processes. Other uses also include cooling applications in oil refineries and power plants. Industrial processes also release large volumes of water, which is further used for construction, concrete mixing, artificial lakes, paper mill and others. Basically, water used in industrial units for cooling purposes is recovered and treated from municipal wastewater and is recycled before used in these units. Though water is mainly used for non-potable needs, it is slowly finding its way into drinking applications. These include filling up the groundwater aquifers and increasing surface water reservoirs with recycled water. For example, in the U.S., a project for recycled water involves a process where recycled water is directed into the aquifer to prevent salt water from mixing into ground water. This increases groundwater levels significantly.

As reported, the U.S. has anticipated the highest growth owing to the niche advancements in water recycling technologies and less amount of energy utilized in the water recycling process. This will positively impact the growth of the global water recycle and reuse market in the region. Water recycling is one of the effective and efficient sources for supplying water with no compromises on human health. Water reuse is globally accepted as an efficient source and it will continue to be the same in the future.

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