Europe: Project to Realize a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

A new project called “Ceflex” is organized by a consortium of European companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging.

The project mission is to make flexible packaging even more relevant to the circular economy by advancing better system design solutions which result from the collaboration of the companies represented in the consortium. As reported on the website of this project, the initiative continues the work of the recently concluded project “Fiace”, which helped to quantify the added value and identify opportunities to increase recycling of flexible packaging and “Reflex”, an “Innovate UK” funded technical project focused on recycling flexible packaging in the UK. The consortium currently has 34 stakeholders, representing all the major value chain players: raw materials suppliers, packaging converters, brand owners and retailers, producer responsibility organizations, collectors, sorters and recyclers, as well as other technology suppliers and end users of secondary raw materials. According to a “Ceflex” statement in April this year, the program will work towards the development of a collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe by 2025. “This will be enabled by the development and application of robust design guidelines for both flexible packaging and the end of cycle infrastructure to collect, sort and recycle it, due for completion by 2020.”

Interested companies which want to join the consortium or wish to learn more about the project, contact: or go to

Photo: Ceflex

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