Awarded Waterox Executes Total Purification of Toxic Industrial Wastewater

Aquarden Technologies ApS, based in danish Skævinge, has developed Waterox. The Waterox process completely destroys problematic substances in wastewater from industries directly at the source.

This type of plant is the first of its kind in Denmark. It is also one of the first in the world that can transform toxic industrial wastewater to pure water based on the SCWO-technology, according to the Danish company.

SCWO stands for SuperCritical Water Oxidation. The Aquarden reactor heats and pressurizes wastewater and air to above 374 °C and 221 bar. At these conditions water turns supercritical. Inorganic salts are concentrated as brine, which can then be safely disposed of or diluted. The salt-free supercritical wastewater is then further heated to 450 to 550 °C, where all organics – including the toughest of harmful toxic compounds – are completely destroyed. The end product is water virtually free of salts and organics and can be disposed of through the sewage system, sent to the sea, or re-used as process water.

Waste streams are typically industrial wastewater with hardly degradable organic and toxic components containing e.g. PAH, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingreedients), phenolic wastewater, BTEXN, hormones, endocrine disruptors, solvents from chemical industry, biologically hardly-degradable detergents, polymer, landfill leachate etc. from industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, landfill and hospitals.

Zhuoyan Cai, CEO and founder of the Danish company, has received the European Business Award for the Environment in Denmark on behalf of Aquarden Technologies. The award is given to the development of a new product or a new service that significantly contributes to a sustainable development and innovation.

Photo: Aquarden Technologies ApS/Thomas Brolyng Steen

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