Kuwait: Company Promotes Sustainability by Introducing Recycling Initiative

In August, Kuwaiti Equate Petrochemical Company announced its partnership with Kuwaiti recycling company Omniya in an aim to reduce waste by promoting the recycling of plastic water bottles in Kuwait. According to the information, Equate has developed a sustainability strategy “to be fulfilled by 2025, which is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Kuwait National Development Plan 2035”. The partnerships with different stakeholders were key elements to achieve this strategy. According to Equate Sustainability Committee, the alliance with Omniya – which started a plastic recycling project in Kuwait and operates a recycling factory – marks a strategic local partnership to ensure a positive impact on the environment. This joint initiative commenced in the beginning of 2017 by placing PET recycling containers at Equate’s headquarters and industrial complex to encourage all employees to participate in the recycling efforts. Additionally, the company sponsored the purchase of a truck to pick-up recycled material throughout Kuwait, as well as 10 recycling bottle booths distributed across the country to encourage the public to recycle plastic bottles.


Photo: Equate Petrochemical Company

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