Scandinavian Enviro Systems Makes Progress

The Swedish company Scandinavian Enviro Systems has extended the Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with Chinese tire manufacturer Guangzhou Vanlead Group Co. Ltd and Chilean investor Genera4 S.A.

According to Thomas Sörensson, Managing Director of Enviro, this means that the work with establishing recycling plants in both countries continues. The ambition to establish a plant in Guangzhou with project launch in 2017 would remain.

The Chinese project

The MoU with Vanlead, signed on March 29th, has meanwhile been extended to meet the state-owned company’s procurement process. At the same time, the cooperation between the two parties continues at an unchanged rate. “Together we have decided on the location of the plant and conducted detailed discussions on site,” Sörensson informed. Scandinavian Enviro Systems had signed two separate MoUs with Chinese tire manufacturer Vanlead Group, one for establishing a recycling plant in China and one with the objective to set up a joint venture to market Enviro’s patented technology across the entire Chinese market.

The Chinese Group is a state-owned industrial enterprise in Guangzhou. Founded in 2001, it specializes in the fields of rubber tire, salt chemical and fine chemical with distinct regional and industrial advantage. “Vanlead has a large number of subsidiaries, one of them being tire manufacturer South China Tire & Rubber Co, the first large-scale state-owned enterprise to introduce professional technology to produce full-series radial tires in China. One of South China Tire & Rubber’s brands is Wanli Tire which, with annual capacity of 16 million tires and 2,100 employees, is the largest radial tire manufacturer in Southern China and one of the largest radial tire exporters in the country,” Scandinavian Enviro Systems pointed out.

As reported, Vanlead Group’s tire production represents a strategic area both domestically and internationally. The company is said to be one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. It exports tires to Europe, the United States and other parts of the world. The aim is to expand production capacity, improve economy of scale, enhance competitiveness and become a domestic leading and world-famous rubber and tire enterprise.

The Chilean project

According to the provided information, Scandinavian Enviro Systems has had continued contact with the Chilean market for several years and the MoU with Genera4 S.A. was signed on November 10th, 2016. “Enviro’s recycled carbon black is industrially accepted and has been tested by several Chilean rubber manufacturers as well as international tire producers,” the Swedish company stated. “Chile’s new Recycling and Extended Producer Liability Law means that the need for our type of solution is increasing for both, tire producers, mining companies and the authorities. The extension with Genera4 S.A. is an expected part of our continued cooperation to establish a recycling plant in the country,” Thomas Sörensson is cited. The extension of respective MoU will last three months with the possibility for further extensions if necessary.

The Basic Design is completed

As reported, the Basic Design, developed by Scandinavian Enviro Systems in cooperation with Swedish engineering and consulting company ÅF, has been completed. In addition to technical and economic analysis, the purpose of the project has been to provide documentation that meets the guidelines and regulations for this type of recycling facilities for tire disposal in Europe and Chile and in many other international markets.

The collaboration with ÅF is now entering a new phase when the Basic Design project is complete and the completed reports can be presented to potential recycle plant customers, Enviro Systems underlined. “Basic Design is an advanced template design that includes the fundamentals for developing good calculations covering all aspects of finance, technology and installation. Customer dialogue can therefore focus more on local conditions and quickly identify solutions for effective implementation.”

Photo: Scandinavian Enviro Systems

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