United Arab Emirates: Joint Venture to Develop a Waste-To-Energy Plant

Bee’ah, the leading environmental management company in the United Arab Emirates, and Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, have formally established the joint venture Emirates Waste to Energy Company (EWEC) in order to develop waste-to-energy plants across the region.

As reported, the first project will be the Sharjah Multi-Fuel Waste-to-Energy Facility. The plant will be the first in the region and will treat, within its first phase, more than 300,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) each year. The Sharjah Multi-Fuel Waste-to-Energy Facility has a power capacity of around 30 megawatts (MW). In addition to recovering materials for recycling, the new plant will incinerate up to 37.5 tons of solid waste per hour.

For this facility, the target is to achieve zero waste. At present, the emirate diverts 70 percent of its waste away from landfill. “With the completion of this new facility, Sharjah will soon become the first city in the Middle East to achieve the target of 100 percent diversion of waste from landfill,” Bee’ah is convinced. According to the company, the plant has been designed to meet the strictest environmental standards, complying with the European Union’s Best Available Techniques which are widely recognized as setting the worldwide standard.


Photo: Bee’ah

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