Trelleborg Gives Tough Jobs a Soft Ride

The Swedish-based tire manufacturer Trelleborg Wheel Systems has introduced the Brawler HPS Soft Ride, a new solid tire designed and developed specifically for the waste management and recycling industries, onto the market.

According to Trelleborg, this re-engineered version of the Brawler solid tire offers radically improved operator comfort and equipment-life through reduced vibration, while retaining the signature Brawler life performance in the harshest of applications. The Soft Ride tire features a new cushion rubber compound that significantly increases deflection and shock absorption. “Combined with the Brawler ultra-cut-resistant tread compound this makes for a solid tire that is very tough, yet much less stiff”, the company says. “At the bottom line, this means all the benefits of a premium quality solid tire, plus a much more comfortable ride for operators, no loss of load-index, and increased efficiency even at higher operating speeds.”

Photo: Trelleborg Wheel Systems

GR 32017