China Has Plenty of Opportunities

According to China’s “Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for Renewable Resources Recycling Systems (2015 – 2020)”, the investment of all types of domestic and foreign capital in the recovery, sorting, and processing of renewable resources is encouraged.

As reported, the concept was issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce along with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives during the “Green Circulation Work” media briefing in February last year. It also requires improvements to be made to the safety review system for the merger and acquisition of businesses in the People’s Republic of China by foreign investors. “To promote concentration and consolidation of the industry, asset restructuring across regions, industries and types of ownership are encouraged,” Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) gave account. “Key enterprises are encouraged to integrate small and medium-sized enterprises and individually-owned businesses in the forms of modern organization including chain and franchise operations.”

It is intended that by the year 2020 a number of model cities are to exist which will present recycling systems “featuring well laid-out networks, well-regulated management, diverse ways of recycling and high recycling rates for key resources, an average recovery rate of the main varieties of renewable resources at more than 75 percent for medium and large-sized cities, with more than 85 percent of recovery personnel put under standardization administration”. It is also planned, that more than 85 percent of rural communities participate in recovery and more than 85 percent of the renewable resources are handled under standardized transaction and centralized processing. As reported, the plan also puts forward the cultivation of around 100 key enterprises in recycling renewable resources, with the total amount of recycled renewable resources expected to reach 220 million tons.

To achieve the national recycling goal, a number of recycling sorting gathering areas will be constructed to improve sorting and processing. It is planned to transform the Chinese renewable resources recycling industry into an intensive, large-scale industry with efficiency. “Establishment of waste products burden-sharing mechanism of vendors and consumers will be studied and recycling management systems of waste textiles and kitchen waste will be actively explored,“ HKTDC reported. In the People’s Republic of China 200 regional recycling sorting bases and 2,000 specialized sorting centers are to be constructed. Their function will be “to link up effectively with the network of recovery sites in the urban and rural areas throughout the country, forming comprehensive renewable resources recycling systems, to collaborate with city mineral resources bases, which mainly process and utilize renewable resources.”

According to the information, the strategy takes a combination of factors into account. This includes the generation and growth trends in the main varieties of renewable resources in various regions of the country, the scale of development of renewable industry and related industries, population density, level of economic development, progress of urbanization, regional area and regional transportation conditions.

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Photo: pixabay