Investment Opportunities in Georgia

The Caucasus republic Georgia is on its way to build up a sustainable waste management. With the support of foreign donors the country plans to establish modern regional landfills, build up environmentally friendly transfer stations for waste, invest in new waste containers and refuse vehicles as well as implement projects regarding waste separation, treatment, conditioning and processing. 

The Germany Trade & Invest (gtai), Germany‘s promotional organization for economy, reports that the old environmentally unfriendly landfills and illegal dumping grounds should be closed or rather be re-cultivated. According to market experts, the capital requirements for these projects would amount to at least 170 million US-Dollar until 2025. The new waste management law, which is in effect since January 2015, is orientated towards German, Austrian and Bulgarian legal norms in this section. Until 2019 municipal waste shall be separated. Moreover, a long-term management strategy for 15 years and actions plans for five years are planned. The Georgian law even governs future responsibilities of manufacturers and distributors of products, to reuse or dispose of packaging environmentally friendly. However, limited public finances and insufficient local know-how stand in the way of a quick implementation of new regulations. According to gtai, Georgia therefore strongly focuses on support from abroad.

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According to statements, the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia Ltd (SWMCG), which is active in the area of competence of the ministry of regional development and infrastructure, is responsible for all communal landfills with exception of the ones in the capital Tiflis (municipality/Tbilservice Group) and in the autonomous republic of Adjara (municipality Batumi/ Higiena 2009).

The ecological reconstruction of existing landfills (until ca. 2018), as well as the planning and establishment of new central and regional landfills (until 2022/23) as a replacement for the nowadays operated communal dumping grounds, resides with the SWMCG. The company is the contact for foreign businesses wanting to engage in waste management as well as perspectively  intended projects within the waste processing of Georgia.

The Georgian Waste Management Association (WMA) plans to enforce the so far underdeveloped recycling activities in Georgia. According to gtai, the aim of the organization is to convey contacts between domestic and foreign companies as well as to encourage the exchange of experiences.

Furthermore, the organization plans to forward waste and recycling projects in cooperation with local authorities and the private sector. Lastly, the Georgian Waste Management Association wants to contribute to the creation of a business-friendly legislative for the recycling industry.

Foto: pixabay