Maximum Storage Capacity with Legioblock

Legioblock is a flexible construction system which creates maximum storage capacity for your waste, bulk and recycling materials.

Each product has its own specific characteristics, such as density and angle of repose. All these aspects have an effect on the storage height and therefore maximum capacity. “With Legioblock we are able to construct different types of structures, which guarantees your optimum storage capacity,” the provider, Dutch A. Jansen BV assures.

According to the information, Legioblocks are cost-effective, combine high-quality with proven reliability and are fire-resistant. The concrete blocks are a total building solution for: storage bays, retaining walls, concrete firewalls, industrial buildings, salt storage and silage pits.

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Flexible construction system

Storage bays for all bulk materials are quickly and easily build with Legioblocks. The interlocking blocks are easily stacked and placed, without the need for mortar or adhesives. This way, the blocks can be moved and reconfigured at any time, enabling businesses to adjust their storage capacity to changing needs. This makes it the ideal solution to optimize storage capacity in a short amount of time.

As reported, Legioblock concrete stackable blocks are over four hours fire-resistant and only degrade marginally when exposed to fire. The temperature rise on the non-exposed side of the concrete wall is so low, that fire propagation through heat transfer cannot take place. Furthermore, a Legioblock firewall stabilizes the stored materials, thereby preventing the fire from spreading horizontally.

“We offer a complete building solution including design, static calculations, transport and construction,” A. Jansen BV underlines. “Various roofing systems can also be offered. You have only one point of contact for the realization of your entire project.”

On the website, there is more information about the flexible building system.

Photo: Jansen