Gervasi Ecologica Delivers its First Semitrailer to the German Market

The Italian manufacturer Gervasi Ecologica is specialized in the production of steel semitrailers. It is a small niche of the semitrailers market, focused on the transport and collection of metal scrap and end-of-life materials.

Following the growing attention to recycling, this niche is especially important for the environmental positive impact which can be provided. For this purpose, Gervasi Ecologica actively promotes its production among the most important European companies and is therefore proud of the delivery of its first semitrailer for the German market.

The semitrailer produced for this German customer is a COBRA KR55, designed and reinforced for the further installation of a crane Epsilon specific for recycling. The color is a dark grey paint with matt finish, currently very much appreciated and trendy.

Below is a short summary of the main technical specifications for this semitrailer:

  • Gervasi chassis rear lowered prepared for crane mounting
  • 3 SAF axles
  • Automatic fast deflating of suspensions at the opening of the doors
  • Gervasi rear tipper body reinforced with fully welded original profiles
  • HB450 wear-resistant steel body for scrap transport and collection
  • Capacity 55 m3
  • Double leaf doors in HB450 wear-resistant steel
  • Rounded front side

Source/Photo: Gervasi Ecologica Srl (12.12.2019)