Hong Kong: Suez Renews Contract with Shatin Transfer Station

The Paris headquartered Suez environnement SAS has renewed the contract to design, modify and operate the Shatin Transfer Station in Hong Kong. The new contract covers an operational period of ten years with a contract value of about 54 million Euro.

As reported by the French-based company, the Shatin Transfer Station currently has a design throughput of 1,200 tons municipal solid waste per day and processes waste collected in urban population centers for onward transportation to the North East New Territories Landfill. Under the new contract, Suez is responsible for the design, modification and operation of the station. This includes construction and design to modify existing facilities, maintenance work and replacement of machinery as needed to meet the expanded maximum throughput of 50,000 tons per month.

Furthermore, the company has to ensure disposal of permitted waste at designated or alternative landfills and will perform environmental monitoring and take measures to mitigate the environmental impact of facilities. Suez has been operating in Hong Kong for more than 28 years and is currently responsible for treating 70 percent of the waste of the city’s 7.3 million residents. According to the information supplied by the company, it currently operates six out of seven transfer station contracts and two of the biggest landfills in the world that treat almost 3.8 million tons of waste per year. It also manages the restoration, aftercare and after-use of seven closed landfill sites in Hong Kong.