New Tool for European Packaging Waste Legislation

Due to the Belgian VAL-I-PAC, European companies can now easily find all the basic information on packaging waste legislation in the 28 member states of the European Union. The organization assuming the recycling obligations for industrial packaging in Belgium, has gathered all this information on a new website

As reported, the diversity of regulations in Europe is of great concern to many companies. Europe may have free movement of goods and services. However, in practice, companies which want to expand into the European market frequently get lost in a maze of rules and laws.

Often the companies seeking to become commercially active in neighboring countries first have to figure out how they can comply with the packaging laws in those other European countries. VAL-I-PAC would like to share its expertise with other countries. “In order to help our clients, we had gathered a great deal of information on the European packaging waste legislation. We first intended to only use that information internally, but then we noticed growing interest for it. Therefore, we decided to share our knowledge. Meanwhile, we have received many positive reactions from environmental coordinators and similar organizations abroad, among others,“ the Belgian organization explains.