Cable Box: A New Compact Recycling Line in Containers

On the occasion of the ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) event in Las Vegas in April this year, the French manufacturer MTB has released a new mobile system to recycle either Aluminum or Copper cables.

According to the information, the new “Cable Box” integrates within combined containers a complete cable recycling line. The system allows for snap set-up and installation. “Compact, mobile, efficient and economical, the Cable Box’s achievement is to retain all the equipment of a standard MTB recycling line and condense it all in classic containers of 20 and 40 feet,” the provider underlined. “This concept Plug‘n’Run is fully integrated and ready for use without any assembly operation required. Only a connection of containers will be necessary, making this concept equipment both easily movable and extremely versatile.”


Designed to process up to two metric tons of cables per hour (depending on the type of cable to be shredded), this set-up combines the “Shred’ Box”, a 40 feet container dedicated to size reduction, and the “Sort’ Box”, the other container of 20 feet dedicated to sorting. This line integrates the optional “R’ Box”, in a 20 feet container, dedicated to the air filtration.

The “Shred’ Box” includes a shredding module, which consists of a compact shredder, able to process all common cables as well as a granulation module, which consists of two granulators successively reducing the size of the material to achieve the optimum sorting size. The “Sort’ Box” includes air density tables, vibrating screens and magnetic over-band, exactly as it is on MTB standard cable recycling line; it allows to recover at the end of the process: ferrous, copper big granules, copper fine, flakes (aluminum, tin, brass) and plastics. “A version of the Cable Box to value other types of waste is under study, “ the French manufacturer informed.

Photo: MTB