New Balance Crane for Recycling Purposes

Finnish-based Metso Corporation is convinced that the new balance crane MBC 95/29 helps recyclers to increase profits by saving energy and maintenance cost, even in difficult times. The producer, headquartered in Helsinki, has combined its knowledge of both mining and recycling to develop this crane.

“With the durability of heavy mining equipment, the new MBC 95/29 surpasses the speed, agility and efficiency needs of the recycling industry,” Metso says. Like all Metso balance cranes, the new product would incorporate the counterbalance principle, “resulting in 50 percent less energy to move the load, and making it up to 80 percent more efficient than comparable hydraulic excavators”. According to the provider, the new crane model has also been designed for optimum safety, durability, and reduced maintenance costs.

Metso has coupled its knowledge and experience through a technology transfer agreement with the European company HOICO, owner of the Sobemai technology. “Sobemai stands out for having been the original inventor of the equilibrium/balance crane technology, as well as for its installed base of over 100 machines – most of which are involved in recycling throughout Europe and the rest of the world,” the Finnish company explained.

Metso has expressed the view that its balance crane is well applied in the recycling business because it has a long reach, effectively manages scrap stockpiling, and efficiently feeds shredders and shears. “While the use of balance cranes in Europe was primarily motivated by environmental needs, these advantages, along with the economic benefits, are now being noticed in the North American market,” the company underlined.

Photo: Metso