The “Perfect Offer” Made by Komptech

At the IFAT 2016 in Munich, the Austrian-based Komptech will present a selection from its broad range of products. In addition to realistic live demonstrations, the company will devote plenty of attention to its visions.

“The Shredder of The Future” is one of the pioneering projects. In 2015, Komp­tech did a project with the Industrial Design Department of the Joanneum University in Graz, Austria. The design concepts that resulted will be presented at the company’s booth 405/504 in Hall C2, using a 3D printer. The new Topturn X 4.5 is as well already reality – and the highlight of the show. At its booth Komptech will introduce the new turner which is tailored specifically to the space requirements of small and medium-sized compost facilities. With a 4.5 meter wide intake, powerful drive and intuitive controls, the machine “is perfect for all users who have big plans for small sites”, the provider said.

Cribus 3800 (Photo: Komptech)

Cribus 3800 (Photo: Komptech)

Outdoor presentation

According to the information, the company’s development work is concentrated on user benefits, and is heavily oriented towards innovations and solutions based on existing resources. This perfectly matches with the motto of this year’s IFAT: “resources. innovations. solutions.”, Komptech underlined. “The mobile machines for the live outdoor presentation were not chosen at random, but based on the themes of the show. The Multistar L3, Hurrifex, Cribus 3800, Crambo direct and Axtor 6010 will cover the gamut from construction waste recycling and processing contaminated biomass, to prepping green cuttings and trunks.”

What goods are the best recycling intentions when the final product is so contaminated by contraries and foreign matter that it cannot be used to replace the primary products as intended? This applies in equal measure to biomass and construction waste recycling.

At the VDBUM live demonstration near the eastern entry, the Hurrifex mobile stone and light material separator and the Multistar L3 star screen will deal with contaminated biomass. The Cribus 3800 drum screen revolves around mineral feedstock.

Photo: Komptech