Screening Machines – Made in Germany

Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH has just celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Heiko Zemmler, CEO, looks back on a successful development. Founded as spare part and used machine trade of a Danish manufacturer, he has started producing and developing his own Multi Screen range in Brandenburg, Germany since 2008. Meanwhile the company has developed six machine types in different sizes. The screening machines named by the length of the trommel starting from MS1600, MS3200 over MS4200 and MS5200 to MS6700.

According to Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH, the company is not just another producer of screening machines. All products contain the double trommel technology. The trommel is constructed to screen three fractions in just one working stage compared to competitors. The machine performances have a throughput from 30 to 180 cubic meters per hour. In addition, the double trommel is stringed by wire screens which allow an adjustment to different applications. The mesh sizes can be chosen from two to 80 millimeters; they are changed simply and fast without special tools, replacing the entire trommel (an extra trommel is 80 percent more expensive than wire screens). Zemmler also offers different options to each machine type so the manufacturer is able to react on customer wishes. Various applications are possible.

The sturdy trommel with wire screens regulates a clean sieving with high-quality end products according to the manufacturer. “Due to the cleaning brush at the outer trommel, the Multi Screen also guarantees a clean sieving and constant throughput in case of difficult and sticky material”, Zemm­ler Siebanlagen says. The German provider receives enquiries from all over the world. Machines have been delivered to China, Chile or Africa. Especially in Europe Zemm­ler has a broad network of traders. In response to the increased number of orders and to ensure a continuous high-quality product, the German company will move to bigger production halls midyear.

A Zemmler Multi Screen MS 1600 can be visited at the IFAT in Munich from 30th May to 3rd June 2016 (Hall C1 Booth 200).

Photo: Zemmler