Croatian Firm Recognized for Its Technology

At a conference about “Sustainable Technologies for Mixed Municipal Waste Management”, held in Brussels (Belgium) from 26 to 27 January this year, the MBT-T Technology of the Croatian Company Tehnix was accepted as an economically and ecologically sustainable procedure for achieving the goals of the circular economy, the company reported. 

On this occasion the Croatia-based firm Tehnix, headquartered in Kraljevec, presented its international projects in Serbia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As outlined by the company – the supplier of container parks, devices and equipment for municipal solid waste and other miscellaneous waste management as well as wastewater treatment – was the main technological partner of the conference and introduced itself to the relevant institutions and professionals in Brussels. Đuro Horvat, owner of Tehnix, announced very dynamic commercial activities of the company. It is expected that important agreements and contracts for future jobs will be concluded. Investment in infrastructural projects in countries of Southeast Europe is one important topic of the circular economy. According to Tehnix, the conference was attended by more than hundred participants, among them representatives of the European Parliament and a number of registered representatives of the utility sector from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Photo: Tehnix