Apollo Tyres Ltd Increases Its Focus on Retreading in India

According to Indian-based Apollo Tyres Ltd, there is a large demand for quality retread in India, which is not widely available in the country. Therefore, the company intends to spread its Indian network for branded retreading outlets and plans to have 20 Apollo Retread Zones (ARZ) by this financial year ending on March 31, 2016.

Apollo Tyres started with its ARZs in 2014; the first three outlets were opened in Jaipur, Chennai and Mumbai. In July 2015, the fourth ARZ was opened at Manipal in the Coastal Karnataka region. According to media reports, considering the huge potential for retreading in this state, the company is targeting to have its ARZs in Bengaluru, Belagavi, Hubballi and Shivamogga as well. Apollo’s objective is to provide quality retreading service to truck-bus customers and fleet owners. As stressed by the company, these branded outlets are equipped with advanced retreading machines, high quality tread material and trained workers.

The increase in usage of radial tires in the truck-bus segment has enhanced the potential for retreading and thereby the need for more retreading outlets. “The Retreading Industry in India is gradually getting more and more organized”, Apollo Tyres says. “The customers are opting for multiple retreads on their tyres, and prefer the same to be done by the tire manufacturers, instead of unorganized players.”

Apollo Tyres Ltd is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. It has been in the business of manufacture and sale of tires since its inception in 1972. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, establishing its footprint across the globe. At the end of its financial year on March 31, 2015, Apollo Tyres had clocked a turnover of 2.08 billion US-Dollar, backed by a global workforce of approximately 16,000 employees.

Setting up a new manufactu­ring facility

Apollo Tyres Ltd has manufacturing units in India and the Netherlands. It is also setting up a new manufactu­ring facility in Hungary, with a planned investment of 475 million Euro. The company markets its products under its two global brands – Apollo and Vredestein – in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets.


Photo: Apollo Tyres