Buhler Sortex and NRT Joined Forces on Plastics Recycling Sorting

As the demand for plastic sorting solutions continues to soar, the London-based Buhler Sortex, a member of Swiss Bühler Group, and US firm National Recovery Technologies (NRT), headquartered in Nashville (Tennessee), have entered a strategic commercial agreement.

The objective is to offer plastics recyclers a complete solution for plastic bottle and flake sorting. According to Bühler Group, the companies are bringing together more than 100 years of combined expertise in optical sorting giving recyclers access to their technologies, engineering expertise, customer service and support networks.

The partnership between Buhler Sortex and NRT expands not only their PET and HDPE sorting segment across Europe and North America. The companies are convinced it also strengthens their position as the leading joint suppliers of combined plastic bottle and flake sorting solutions to the plastics recycling industry, with technologies such as In-Flight Sorting, PET Boost, Label Reduction Kit and Smart-Eject. Apparently, the development proves them right: As reported, global plastics production increased by ten million tons to around 280 million tons in 2011, continuing the growth pattern that the industry has enjoyed since 1950 – approximately nine percent per annum. Europe and the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) region together comprise 41 percent of the world‘s total plastic materials production – “driving demand for integrated bottle and flake sorting solutions, as companies strive to meet government recycling targets and corporate social responsibility pledges,” Bühler Group stated.


Photo: Interseroh