Effective Fire Protection with Flexible Elements

Fire prevention and fire control are a hot topic in the Waste Industry these days. A fire can cause a lot of damage to properties and harm to people and the environment.

The Legioblock construction system is an excellent solution for fire-proof site partitioning, the Dutch provider A. Jansen B.V. underlines.  The firewalls “segregate waste stacks of bulk materials such as wood, paper, tires and recycling materials and prevent fire from spreading to other compartments, neighboring buildings or storage facilities.”

As reported, the system offers a quick and flexible solution for the construction of concrete firewalls. “Legioblock concrete stackable blocks only degrade marginally when exposed to fire,” the company emphasizes. “The temperature rise on the non-exposed side of the concrete wall is so low, that fire propagation through heat transfer cannot take place.” According to A. Jansen B.V., the engineering agency SPA has investigated the fire-resistant properties of concrete retaining walls built with these flexible concrete elements as partitions for the storage of combustible materials, with the following conclusions as a result:

  • Legioblocks are incombustible and fall within the highest A1 class in accordance with the DIN EN 13501-1 standard
  • Over four hours fire resistance
  • Flashover excluded

Even in persistent fires that lasted for several days, these concrete firewalls retained their integrity and prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings or storage facilities.

Quick and flexible construction system

“Legioblock concrete blocks are easily stacked and placed, without the need for any fixing materials such as cement,” the provider assures. “This allows complete freedom to move and replace the blocks after construction. It is also a very quick solution: The blocks are delivered from stock and the firewall can be built straight of the lorry.”


Photo: A. Jansen B.V.