Alba Group Plans to Boost Business and Service Activities

Berlin headquartered German Alba Group has delineated its strategy within the investor recruitment drive to step up the expansion of its China business and domestic market growth.

“We want to strengthen our key growth areas of China and the ‘4 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink’ – with additional equity investors,” Dr. Axel Schweitzer, CEO of Alba Group plc & Co. KG, was quoted on 31 January. As reported, negotiations with Asian partners have shown that it makes sense to focus their investment on China. Under the “China Growth” strategy launched by Alba Group around six months previously as part of its investor recruitment drive, a partner is to be selected for the China business.

According to Schweitzer, the company has made good progress “and we are already at an advanced stage in talks. As announced, the contract signing will be in the first half of this year”. The focus here is on selected technology areas such as automotive and electronic waste recycling, where the company’s expertise will be put to work in additional facilities in China. To further strengthen home market activities, the German Group is going to bring on board a strong investment partner in its service business. “Capabilities in this sector include take-back systems for sales and transport packaging, waste avoidance, product recycling solutions and facility management,” Alba said.