Semitrailers Conceived for Scrap Metals Transport and Collection

Gervasi Ecologica is the Italian company specialized in design and manufacturing of semi-trailers for scrap metals. It is a small niche in the industrial vehicle market, particularly important for the strategic role it plays within the circular economy.

Source: Gervasi Ecologica

These vehicles are in fact conceived to be the best solution for scrap recycling and transport companies, particularly the ones dealing with scrap metals. The flow of materials plays a key role in the circular economy and the company works to give a positive contribute to that. The solution chosen in this case for the German branch of a big recycling group is the large-volume tipper semitrailer MAXI TIGER KR, prepared for the installation of a crane Penz.

This version is particularly appreciated for its big capacity and the double cylinders tipping system. With MAXI TIGER KR customers will be able to collect, transport and unload up to 74 cubic meters of bulk materials almost everywhere, even without big crawler cranes and handlers. The trailer chassis is designed to fit a specific crane and tractor model, it is made in high resistance steel and rear lowered for a better stability and lower loading floor. The trailer body is made in wear resistant steel 450HB, reinforced with folded and entirely welded uprights and profiles.

MAXI TIGER KR has two lateral cylinders that keep the vehicle well balanced also during the unloading of big volumes of scraps. Gervasi Ecologica production has the European Type Approval so that all the trailers are easily registered.

Source: Gervasi Ecologica (Italy, July 01, 2021)