Austin (Texas): New Industrial Park for Recycling and Reuse Industry

Interested companies should hurry: Until 19 October 2015 the City of Austin is accepting letters of interest from potential recycling and reuse industry tenants interested in locating at Austin‘s [re]Manufacturing Hub.

This new industrial park, located on redeveloped land owned by Austin Resource Recovery, is positioned to become a home for the local circular economy which will attract, retain and grow zero waste businesses. According to the city administration, the project is expected to be an economic driver for new jobs and investments throughout the Central Texas region.Currently, many of the recyclable items collected in Austin are sent out of state or overseas for manufacturing. The [re]Manufacturing Hub aims to be a place where recyclables can be transformed into new products locally. The co-location of multiple firms within the recycling and reuse industry will create opportunities for synergistic buyer and supplier relationships. The project will also incorporate sustainable design principles, green infrastructure and upcycled signage.

Austin‘s ambition is to reach zero waste in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. The  redevelopment of the Hub is part of the Austin Recycling Economic Development Program, an effort to drive local recycling markets and create green jobs. A recent study ( commissioned by the program found that reuse and recycling have an economic impact of 720 million Dollar, which has the potential to grow to one billion Dollar. Ten acres of the Hub will be offered for sale and the remaining 95 acres will be leased. Basic infrastructure construction will begin in summer 2016 and the first phase will be tenant-ready in early-mid 2017. In addition to primary manufacturing tenants, the City is interested in hearing from recycling research and development facilities, incubators and smaller firms interested in subleasing space. Interested businesses or real estate professionals can download the letter of interest form and view a webinar on becoming a tenant at

About Austin Resource Recovery

Austin Resource Recovery provides a wide range of services designed to transform waste into resources. Services include curbside collection of recycling, trash, yard trimmings and large brush and bulk items; street sweeping; dead animal collection; household hazardous waste disposal and recycling; and outreach and education. In December 2011, the Austin City Council approved the Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan, which is the City’s roadmap to zero waste.

The City of Austin is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to area landfills by 90 percent by 2040 or sooner.

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