The Dutch Way to Use Leftover Concrete

Disposing of leftover concrete is not only expensive, but also a waste of material. Betonblock, a Dutch company, has found a way which could be beneficial for recycling firms and other businesses, who sell semi-finished goods.

In the opinion of management, the production of concrete blocks by means of moulds – which are available in a wide range of types and sizes –  can generate additional sales.

As reported, at its own factory Betonblock produces concrete moulds made from low-alloy construction steel with very long durability due to the powder coating. “Since the first generation of steel moulds 20 years ago, the design and effectiveness have been improved by innovations,” the company emphasized. “This makes the Betonblock system the fastest growing system on the market with over 3,000 customers in 35 countries around the world. Betonblock keeps all its products in stock and delivers across Europe in a few days.”

The concrete blocks can be used to build almost anything – similar to the Lego bricks many people knew as child. “The studs on the top, holes on the bottom and the weight of the concrete blocks mean that they can be stably stacked on top of each other,” Betonblock states. “No cement is needed. This means that changes and expansions can be made at any time. In practise the stackable concrete blocks are used for bulk goods boxes, halls, walls (even fire walls!), fences and counterweights.” According to the company, concrete blocks are also used in infrastructure and (road) construction. Furthermore, these blocks are suitable for constructing sheds or other (storage) buildings – in this case stricter demands are made on the concrete.

Concrete slabs are used particularly in the Netherlands as paving on industrial premises because they do not sink in (on a good surface and when well positioned) and are very suitable for truck, (heavy) transportation, forklift truck traffic and for parking spaces. “The big benefit is that the industrial slabs are laid quicker than paving stones and are very easy to remove”, Betonblock stressed.

Photo: Betonblock