KMR Stainless Changes Brand Name to Oryx Stainless

Since the start of September 2015, the Oryx Stainless Group is realizing its global single-brand strategy. Therefore the business group changed the brand names of its companies that were still operating under the KMR Stainless brand to Oryx Stainless.

The old name, which had been introduced in 1997, was still being used by the holding and the German- and Netherlands-based businesses. With operations in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Thailand, the firm belongs to the leading companies in the global industry for stainless steel scrap. Oryx Stainless generated a turnover of 590 million euros in 2014. “It‘s just logical against the backdrop of the continued internationalization and the growing networking of our operations that we move to a single-brand strategy,” explained Tobias Kämmer, CEO at Oryx Stainless Holding BV. “ The brand name of Oryx Stainless, which we already introduced as the umbrella brand with a view to further expansion in 2008, is well-known in our markets and sectors and carries positive associations, which we intend to utilize even more effectively in future.”