Solutions for the Tough Demands in Recycling

Recycling waste places enormous demands on the equipment. In order to stay productive and competitive, it is vital to use materials and components that stand up to these though demands.

By using Hardox steel, which is produced by Stockholm-based Swedish company SSAB, recyclers and recycling equipment manufacturers are able to cut costs, improve service life and optimize the production. Examples of components in recycling process are scrap containers, grabs, shredder knives, crusher hammers and liners. They all significantly increase the service life. There are solutions for all kinds of recycling situations: metal scrap, glass, plastic, wood, paper, etc.

Solution for Shredders in Australia

Australian recycling equipment specialist Pacific Shredder, located in Newcastle, New South Wales, was looking for a kind of steel that was stronger and lasted longer. Normal steel is prone to cracking and wear and needs to be replaced frequently.

“A car shredder is basically a 60-ton drum made of eleven rotor disks, with twelve or 16 manganese hammers attached to it,“ said Joe Beentjes, owner of the company. “The rotor rotates at 500 rpm and the hammers smash the car against a series of anvils, breaker bars and grids. The inside is armored with wear plates that stop the flying metal from simply eroding the whole structure.“

In a business where a breakdown does not just mean loss of productivity, it means bringing in a 200-ton crane to lift the rotor out and repair it, durability is everything. “Steel recycling is all about dollar-cost per ton,“ stated Beentjes. “The cost of scrap and the price for recycled steel are pretty much fixed, so one of the only ways to boost the bottom line is by improving the life of the shredder. This is why we use Hardox HiTuf steel for our components. We build quality-engineered machines“, he stressed, “and a quality product like Hardox HiTuf certainly enhances our reputation. SSAB’s steel is the best we have ever used for these components, for a number of reasons.”

Hardox Wearparts  

According to SSAB, the company has been a forerunner in developing wear steel. Today, the know-how has been extended to the Hardox Wearparts network, a global provider of wear parts and services. There are 159 Hardox Wearparts Centers around the world, so availability is not an issue. The original idea has extended from ensuring steel material quality to become a true “one-stop-wear-shop” with the ability to support customers for any kind of wear challenge.,

Photo: SSAB