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Sicon‘s Effective Solutions for Scrap and Metal Processing.

The scrap recycling industry is currently marked by sinking scrap prices, narrow margins and a high level of competition. And signs indicate that the situation is not about to improve. The time has come to rethink and reinvent scrap recycling. That means solutions which venture off the beaten path. Sicon offers solutions that are sophisticated, reliable and economical.

Sicon GmbH has been involved in the scrap recycling industry for more than 17 years, and during that period the company has developed many groundbreaking solutions and installed them in plants all over the globe. Today the firm delivers machines and systems for crushing, shredding and separating scrap and metals. A prime example is the EcoShred® Compact, a new generation of shredders for end-of-life vehicles and mixed scrap, which makes shredders profitable once again by increasing productivity and significantly reducing operating costs. This is accompanied by an optimized ferrous downstream (ScrapTuning®), which results in a clean shredded scrap with reduced copper content and better sale opportunities.

“Sicon is currently the only supplier of complete package solutions for shredder residue, be it light or heavy shredder residue. A precisely adjusted module system offers an optimum solution for both small and large-scale shredder plants, even just to supplement or optimize existing machinery. Our solutions are not only able to recover all metals but also plastics and other non-metals,” the firm stresses. “Shredder residues are translated into valuable products with the aid of solutions based on the SICON 75 / 100 / 120 and 120+ technology, which are modeled after the patented VW-SICON process and thus make the entire shredder process uniquely effective.”

Sicon is not only a supplier of machinery and systems. The company also advises its customers intensively from the very first idea through to implementation and is available to provide professional and high-quality service quickly with replacement parts, maintenance and repairs. In this way Sicon forms the basis for scrap and metal recycling.

Photo: O. Kürth