New: Mobile Eddy Current Separators

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems, a part of the globally operating Goudsmit Magnetics Group, is specialized in design and manufacture of high quality metal separators for, amongst others, the recycling industry.

Recently, the company has supplemented its current line of eccentric Eddy Current separators with a mobile Eddy Current line. “This installation is constructed on a trailer and proves its value in the field. The separator is equipped with the most recently developed, super-strong Eddy Current separator type NF1500/38HI and includes the largest internal magnet rotor on the market,” the company underlined. Due to this, the magnetic force on the belt surface, the magnetic angle of influence and the magnetic field depth would be considerably raised. This results in improved separation yields not only of the fine fractions less than 5 millimeters but also of the medium-sized fractions  (+5 – 50 fractions), in many cases up to 30 percent more. Goudsmit Magnetic Systems refer to this as the following generation of Eddy Current separators, appropriate for particles from 0.5 millimeter. Areas of application are domestic waste (shredded), combustible slags from domestic waste, WEEE-scrap, glass recycling, heavy and light shredder residues (e.g. vehicle shredder residues), wood and/or chipboard recycling. Goudsmit Magnetic Systems forms part of the globally operating Goudsmit Magnetics Group, a family business incorporated in 1959 with branches in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, and the Czech Republic. The range of metal separators produced by Goudsmit varies greatly – from magnetic head rollers, electromagnetic and permanent over belt magnets, drum magnets, i-sens and high-gradient separators, to metal detectors and non-ferrous Eddy-Current separators, of which the latter is available in a mobile execution.

Photo: Goudsmit Magnetics Sytems