Modular Plastics-Recycling-Systems

The Austrian Artec machinery GmbH, founded in 1998 by a group of technicians, has 250 recycling systems worldwide in production use at prominent recyclers.

2013 Artec has started a fundamental re-engineering, targeting a comprehensive modularization of the machine technology. It now consists of six technology modules that are available in stepped sizes and performance levels and can be combined flexibly. Thus, the systems can be tailored to the specific input materials and the required discharge capacities. That is complemented by the extended possibilities for the processing of post-consumer materials with higher levels of contamination and moisture contents.

The modular system is the basis for a comprehensive model range of recycling plants with processing capacities in the range of 200 to 2,500 kilogram post-consumer plastic material per hour. The primary benefit of modularity is the potential to adapt a recycling plant during its operation life-cycle to change material qualities or to change conditions of operation through the exchange or the retrofit of specific machine modules. Examples are the material-specific adaptation of the cutter-compactor, the equipment of the extruder with up to four degassing zones or the material-related layout of the plasticizing screws. One of the most visible progresses is that the Artec-machine-system features a consistently ergonomic execution of all system components. To name a few: the cutter-compactor features an enlarged maintenance aperture, or the redesigned, easy accessible condensate containers of the degassing system, and last but not least a new, movable control cabinet, which is height-adjustable, to adapt to the ergonomic requirements of the operator. Additionally, a remote operation panel is available, which allows the operator to supervise and control the start-up and production supervision not exclusively from the fixed panel-position but also ambulant, supervising of the cutter-compactor. That is complemented by the development of the new system control with easy to use features high on the agenda. The presentation of the new plant modules is currently supplemented by – patent-pending – technological innovations.

In 2013 Artec concluded a partnership agreement with a leading manufacturer of extrusion systems, KraussMaffei Berstorff in Hanover. Object of the cooperation is the combination of Artec recycling and system engineering expertise with the compounding technology from KraussMaffei-Bers­torff. The combination of both technologies and machine systems provides the options for a wide spectrum of high-performance compounds.

Photo: Reinhard Bauer