The Run of Semi-Trailers with Crane Keeps Going in Europe

The Italian manufacturer GERVASI Ecologica has been recently promoting an innovative type of vehicle with respect to traditional European fleets.

GERVASI Ecologica is talking about semi-trailers equipped with crane on chassis. These vehicles are the company’s crowning jewel and are quite popular in the yards of Italian companies dealing with scrap and waste materials of any kind. In the latest years, GERVASI Ecologica has also exports this solution in other European countries,such as Romania, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

Photo: GERVASI Ecologica

The advantage of these vehicles, company owner Stefania Gervasi reminds us in one of the company podcasts, is first and foremost autonomy. Semi-trailers with cranes “allow the collection of waste materials anywhere and at any time, regardless of the presence of personnel and large loaders on the ground. Without limits (…)”

With that in mind and strong of its extensive experience in the field, the company recently presented at IFAT, the green economy international trade fair in Munich, a tipper semitrailer equipped with crane and polyp grab. You can find here a preview about that.

The company’s marketing manager, Benedetta Reale, reports us great enthusiasm around this choice. “We are very happy to have been brave again this time. We have been building semi-trailers equipped with cranes for forty years and we strongly believe that they can be valuable resources for the development of recycling. It was a challenge to exhibit for the first time at IFAT with such a niche vehicle, but we are very satisfied for the feedback we received.”

The uniqueness of this innovative semi-trailer lies in its ability to collect large volumes of any kind of scrap and waste materials everywhere. A single vehicle, with a single driver, can go and collect up to 75 cubic metres of end-of-life materials in complete autonomy.And again autonomously, it can take them to port docks or recycling centres, unloading quickly and then leaving again.

Photo: GERVASI Ecologica

A streamlined process, a comprehensive collection and a solution that promises benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in the removal and recovery of waste materials, first and foremost scrap. The cooperation with leading crane manufacturers and the possibility of taking advantage of customised production covered by European type approval complete the framework of an interesting business that can greatly contribute to the circular economy.

To find out all about semi-trailers with cranes for collecting scrap and waste materials, you can read here the article that Gervasi Ecologica dedicated to the subject.

The company will be back in Germany again next September for the IAA trade fair in Hannover, a new opportunity to see the development of this production dedicated to the recycling world.

Source: GERVASI Ecologica (Buriasco (TO), Italy, 05 July, 2022)