Latest Version of National Inventory of Hazardous Wastes Released

In the People’s Republic of China, the 2016 National Inventory of Hazardous Wastes was enforced as of August 1, 2016.

“Since the original version was prepared in 2008, the National Inventory of Hazardous Wastes has played an essential role in supporting the hazardous waste management in China,” the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) reported. “However, with the progressive management of hazardous wastes in China, as well as the enforcement of the Interpretations of the Supreme Court and Supreme Procuratorate on Some Issues concerning the Application of Laws on Settling Environmental Pollution Criminal Cases, the 2008 version no longer met the requirements for hazardous waste management in China and was in dire need of updating.” In this version, the hazardous wastes are reclassified into 479 varieties under 46 categories (including 362 varieties from the previous version and 117 new additions). A List of Exempted Hazardous Wastes is added to raise the management efficiency.