German Company Replaces Shredding Equipment

Andritz MeWa, part of international technology Group Andritz, has received an order from German company Nothnagel Wertstoffverarbeitung GmbH to supply three UG 1600 S universal granulators.

The machines will be used for post-shredding of composite materials and replace the shredding technology used to date. The waste material treated consists largely of steel wire and other iron components requiring a stable and reliable shredding technique. The universal granulator UG prepares the material. The feed material is grasped by the rotor knives and shredded in interaction with the stationary stator knives.

By using a replaceable screen underneath the rotor, with variable perforation diameters, the throughput, and thus the shredding result, can be chosen freely, the provider assures. In addition, the new generation of Andritz MeWa granulators is fitted with a specially controlled pendulum pusher device that increases the throughput.

Photo: Andritz MeWa