Enviro’s new patent strengthens its international position

Environmental technology company Enviro has received approval for a new patented technology for recycling used tyres. The new patent updates and reinforces the previous EHD patent which makes possible the processing of extracted carbon black and oil products.

“The patent has major market value because it reinforces our long-term and international competitive position. It also consolidates our leading position within environmental technology development”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro. A new success for Enviro follows an oversubscribed rights issue. The patent application, with the title “Plant and procedure for the recovery of carbon and hydrocarbons from organic inputs through pyrolysis”, has been approved by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

“This is excellent news for our plant sales. The high level of processing that this technique makes possible gives us more areas of applications for the extracted carbon black and oil, which can thereby justify a higher price on the market.”

The final approval of the patent comes immediately after Enviro has carried out a successful rights issue, which resulted in oversubscription.

“With the capital injection and the patent approval, we are definitely in a very strong position. We have reinforced our competitive position on an international level while the rights issue brought with it many new shareholders who we are very happy to have along on the next stage of our journey”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Source: Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB / Cision