Malaysian Company Ordered Recycling Plant for Electrical/Electronic Scrap

Malaysian company Shan Poornam Green Tech has ordered an automatic recycling plant for refrigerators and electrical/electronic waste and recovery of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and equivalent. The facility will be provided by Andritz MeWa.

As from mid-2017, the plant – located in Seberang Perai in the state of Penang – is intended to process annually around 300,000 old refrigerators and up to 60,000 tons of electrical and electronic scrap from private households. Shan Poornam Green Tech, a subsidiary of Shan Poornam Metals Sdn Bhd (a company specializing in scheduled waste and non-scheduled waste recycling with headquarters in Penang) will act as the operator.

According to the information, a central element of the recycling plant is Andritz MeWa’s QZ 2000 Cross-Flow Shredder. “Unlike multi-stage cutting technologies, rotating chains in the QZ dismantle the various components and materials quickly and efficiently in an environmentally friendly way,” the company said. “The single parts can then be separated into individual fractions, such as iron, copper, aluminum, and plastics. In addition, batteries and condensers remain intact and can be sorted without leaking any contaminants. When processing refrigerators and air-conditioning units, the fully enclosed system ensures that any gases escaping, like CFC and pentane, can be removed by suction and disposed of by environmentally friendly methods.”

As reported, this is the first automatic processing plant for refrigerators and electrical/electronic scrap in Malaysia. Shan Poornam Metals intends to set up 86 collection centers for household electrical/electronic scrap as part of a subsidy program over a period of five years to ensure continuous utilization of the capacity of the new recycling plant.

Photo: Andritz