Fredrik Olofsson new Sales Manager for Enviro

Enviro’s new Sales Manager Fredrik Olofsson first caught sight of the Gothenburg company through the partnership with Volvo Cars. With over 20 years of experience in sales of polymer products, his aim is to increase the number of industries and applications in which Enviro’s circular material can be an alternative to fossil raw materials.

I’ve been working with the automotive industry for a long time and I know that a quality approval from a company such as Volvo has great value and shows you’re on the right track. This is a unique opportunity for me to combine my experience in polymer products with Enviro’s focus on environment and sustainability, says Fredrik Olofsson.

During his first month as Enviro’s Sales Manager, Fredrik Olofsson has gained knowledge about the company’s work processes, patented technology and recycled products. The next step is to compile documentation from the various testing processes and partnerships.

Enviro has for many years built relationships and conducted quality tests with different actors in different industries. By compiling these data, we can provide a complete picture of both the technology and the quality of the products.

Apart from Enviro’s major advances in both their pyrolytic technology and recycled materials, the focus on sustainability and circular economy are factors that attracted Fredrik Olofsson.

Enviro has great opportunities to influence different industry sectors and the society as a whole from a sustainability perspective. For me, that’s very stimulating.

In addition to the tyre industry, Enviro has long-standing dialogues with companies in several other industries, such as the mining and energy sectors.

The tyre and automotive markets are primary segments for Enviro, but it is important to show that the recycled materials meet quality requirements in for example the construction industry and in general merchandise, where large amounts of standard rubber products are used, says Fredrik Olofsson.

With Fredrik onboard, we double our sales efforts. Enviro is in an ideal position to strengthen its market focus, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Source: Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB