Millad® NX® 8000 ECO for PP certified by RecyClass for plastic packaging recycling in Europe

Ghent, Belgium– Millad® NX® 8000 technology is fully compatible with polypropylene (PP) recycling processes in Europe and poses no recyclability issues, according to RecyClass, a cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability on the continent. RecyClass approval applies to the technology itself, while the packaging using the technology must adhere to certain conditions[1] to be considered […]

SABIC and Schwarz Group Embark on Pilot Project for Vegetable Bags Made from TRUCIRCLE™ Certified Circular Polyethylene

SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, has embarked on a pilot project with Schwarz Group, Europe’s largest retail store operator, for the use of transparent film bags made from certified circular polyethylene (PE) in vegetable packaging. The project will include various different PE technologies from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio based on materials produced via […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee

Stainless consumption decline could be limited to 4% this year, says Markus Moll. The share of the global stainless steel market claimed by the 300 series would jump from 54.1% in 2019 to 59.3% by 2030, it was reported to the BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee’s webinar on October 16. “That means nickel […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 International Environment Council: Stakes Are High for Recyclers in Basel Convention’s Annex IV Review

The webinar hosted by the BIR International Environment Council (IEC) on October 15 demonstrated once again the breadth of issues constantly appearing on the world recycling association’s radar. In particular, “many authorities now think the export of waste should be stopped and do not think about the consequences of that,” noted IEC Chairman Olivier François […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 Tyres & Rubber Committee: Michelin Hails Potential “Game-Changer” for End-of-Life Tyre Market

There was tangible excitement at the BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee webinar on October 15 following a guest presentation on the recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into secondary raw materials for tyres and other product applications. The Committee’s Chairman Max Craipeau of China-based Greencore Resources Ltd said the BlackCycle research project co-ordinated by major producer […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 Non-Ferrous Metals Division: A Time for the Scrap Industry to Channel Its “Passion and Positivity”

At the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division’s eForum in June this year, much of the debate had surrounded China’s proposed “recycled material” reclassification system covering brass, copper and cast aluminium alloy imports. This had been widely expected to enter force on July 1 but, more than three months later at the Division’s webinar on October 15, […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 Textiles Division: “Business as Usual” Still a Distant Prospect for Many Textiles Recyclers

“The risks right now are much higher than the opportunities,” stated BIR Textiles Division President Martin Böschen of Switzerland-based TEXAID * Textilverwertungs AG in delivering his latest market summary to a divisional webinar on October 15. These risks were particularly acute for the reuse sector, he added. While recent months had brought some improvement in […]

BIR World Recycling Convention Week 2020 E-Scrap Committee: Excessive Restrictions Can Obstruct Path to Increased Circularity

The growing volume of regulation surrounding e-scrap was creating the unintended consequence of erecting barriers to recycling, claimed several contributors to the BIR E-Scrap Committee webinar on October 16. In his final meeting as the Committee’s Chairman, Dr Thomas Papageorgiou of Greece-based Anamet SA argued that excessive restrictions on many of the commodities contained within […]

Enhancement of Recycling of Steelworks Remnants by the SCARABAEUS®

Most metallurgical processes are characterized by a gas flow stream through a material bed. Thus fine particles are carried away and have to be filtered after the metallurgical devise. Every modern metallurgical plant, no matter if based on the blast furnace process, oxygen steelmaking process, electric arc furnace, or direct reduction process consists of filters […]

Company Plans to Realize Rare-Earth Separation Technology

Canada-based Innovation Metals Corp. (IMC) has received funding support for the Phase-One commercialization of its “RapidSX” rare-earth element (“REE”) separation technology from its joint venture partner Hexagon Energy Materials Limited. According to the information, Innovation Metals Corp. executed a binding investment agreement whereby Hexagon has secured an option to acquire a 49 percent interest in […]

Israel: No New Waste-to-Energy Plants

Some months ago, the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection had begun to promote the establishment of three energy recovery facilities in the country, which were to be realized at the Morasha Junction, in Hiriya, and in the Northern Ashdod Industrial Zone. These waste-to-energy facilities “will treat municipal solid waste that would otherwise be sent to […]

New Waste Collection Vehicles for Singapore

The words “Don’t trash it, repurpose it” can be read on the new Mercedes-Benz Econic waste collection vehicles in Singapore, which were ordered by the local waste management company, Sembcorp. Today, around six million people live in the booming Asian metropolis Singapore where they produce just under 5,000 tons of waste – every day. That […]

Global Recycled Glass Fiber Market

The international market research and consulting firm QY Research has lately published a report titled “Global Recycled Glass Fiber Sales Market Report 2020.” As underlined by the company, which was established in 2007 in Beijing (China), the researchers have critically examined the key growth factors and advancements associated with the global market. In 2019, the […]

Drive Technology for Saving Energy

Sytronix variable-speed pump drives from Rexroth meet the needs of the recycling industry. According to the worldwide active provider, the Sytronix variable-speed pump drives for recycling applications are energy-efficient and will significantly increase the energy efficiency of channel balers, scrap shears and scrap presses. Furthermore, these products represent a ready-to-install solution based on proven standard […]

WEEE Forum Calls for Action on WEEE in Metal Scrap

The WEEE Forum has today published a paper outlining the issues associated with the treatment of WEEE as metal scrap and has called on the competent authorities to take appropriate action. The paper discusses how treating WEEE as metal scrap is problematic and encourages those responsible to penalize facilities that do so. The practice of […]