M&J Recycling Continues the Growth Journey with Ahlström Capital

M&J Recycling – formerly Metso Outotec Waste Recycling – has a new owner, Ahlström Capital. At the same time, the company’s ambition to expand their leadership when it comes to industrial waste shredders receives a solid boost. The strategy is in place and the first initiatives are already underway. Customers and partners can look forward […]

AMCS Platform: Cloud Computing Has Made Working Lives Easier

The Cloud has helped many recycling and waste management businesses ride out the Covid storm by enabling remote working during the pandemic. These companies could continue to provide their services to municipal and commercial customers because customer service representatives, planners, and other office members were able to work from home. Without the cloud and the […]

E-Scrap Committee: WEEE Recycling Experiences Ripple Effect of “the Fight for Raw Materials”

Latest developments in the ever-shifting but ever-expanding world of electrical and electronic equipment recycling were debated at the BIR E-Scrap Committee webinar broadcast on November 17, with expert insights focusing on two of WEEE’s most important constituents – plastics and metals. BIR E-Scrap Committee Chairman Dr Helmut Kolba of Germany-based Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH began by […]

Encina Development Group Announces Appointment of Elaine Wong to Board of Directors

Encina Development Group (“Encina”), a company that produces circular chemicals from waste plastics, announced the appointment of Ms. Elaine Wong to its board of directors. “We are delighted to welcome Elaine to the Encina board,” said David Schwedel, Executive Director of Encina. “Elaine’s expertise in private equity investment is a tremendous asset to the board of […]

Revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation: One Size Fits All Export Restrictions Can End EU Circular Economy Ambitions

The Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) is a key piece of legislation in the move towards circular value chains. Burdensome procedures and lack of harmonisation rooted in the current regulation give an edge to linear value-chains, instead of boosting waste shipment for recycling and the marketing of raw materials from recycling (RMR). However, the proposals released […]

International Environment Council: Recycling Industry Holds Its Breath Ahead of EU Waste Shipment Recast

The latest webinar hosted by the BIR International Environment Council (IEC) took place under a cloud of apprehension ahead of the imminent release of the European Commission’s proposed revision of EU waste shipment regulations. The draft proposal scheduled for publication on November 17 appears to demand much tighter rules for EU exports of green-listed waste, […]

Higher Climate Benefits Thanks To European Waste Management Sector

A new European study to be published in December 2021 will show that the achievement of EU recycling and landfill diversion targets by 2035 will result in a major contribution from the UK and EU Member States towards the Paris Climate Agreement. The study highlights the causality between increased recycling (in line with EU and […]

BIR Paper Division Welcomes New President

The board of the BIR Paper Division has appointed Mr Francisco Donoso as new divisional President. Mr Donoso is Managing Director at ALBA Servicios Verdes (Spain), a long-standing member of BIR, and has been active on the Paper divisional board since 2008. He is also Vice-President of the Spanish BIR member association REPACAR and board […]

Textiles Division: Industry Must Capitalize on “Heightened Interest” in Fashion Recycling

The textiles recycling industry is “so much better” than current media narratives generally imply because “it hasn’t been aggressive enough about putting forth its case”, the latest BIR Textiles Division webinar on November 9 was told by prominent recycling author and columnist Adam Minter. He urged recyclers to “open your doors” and invite journalists to […]

AMCS Launches AMCS Platform Winter 21 Release

AMCS, one of the world’s leading technology provider for the waste, recycling, and resource management industry, today announced the AMCS Platform Winter 21 Release, which builds on the strong recycling foundations of the AMCS Platform to further digitize and drive efficiencies for metal and commodity recyclers, who are at the forefront of the Circular Economy. […]

Denis Reuter New President of BIR Ferrous Division

The board of the BIR Ferrous Division has appointed Mr Denis Reuter as new divisional President. Mr Reuter is COO at TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (DEU), a long-standing member of BIR, and has been active on the Ferrous divisional board since 2019. He joined TSR in 2010 and today is responsible for all […]

BIR Global eForum – Plastics Committee

Three of the developments most keenly affecting the global plastics recycling community – namely prices disconnecting from those of virgin material, rising energy costs and transportation problems – provided the focus for expert analysis at the latest BIR Plastics Committee webinar, hosted by its Chairman Henk Alssema of Netherlands-based Vita Plastics on November 8. Across […]

Ferrous Division: “Large opportunity” to Increase Scrap Share of Steelmaking Mix

China led the world in consuming around 240 million tonnes of steel scrap in 2020. And yet the potential exists for that figure to double over the next 30 years, according to Dr Steven Vercammen, Senior Knowledge Expert at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Delivering a presentation on the “Decarbonization of the steel industry […]

BIR Shares EuRIC’s Concern Over Impact of Export Restrictions on Circular Economy

The Bureau of International Recycling, the global federation of recycling industries, supports the recent initiative of its European member federation EuRIC regarding the potential impact of the upcoming European Waste Shipment Regulation on global free and fair trade of “raw materials from recycling”. EuRIC, in an open letter addressed to executives of the European Commission, […]

Ecomondo: The Circular Economy Community Gathers in Rimini

The 2021 edition of Italian Exhibition Group’s two reference shows on circular economy and renewable energy – in Europe and the Mediterranean basin – has come to a close. More than 1,080 brands gathered in Rimini to share green technology expertise, while visitors attended over 500 hours of conferences. Ecomondo and Key Energy, the two […]