Sign Up for Your Virtual Experience: Be Part of eREC 2020!

Soon eREC, the new digital trade fair for the recycling industry, will finally start. All exhibitors, associations, and organizations are already looking forward to welcoming visitors, who can now get a free online ticket. Don’t hesitate and be part of eREC 2020! As there are only a few weeks left until the virtual expo and […]

Goal: A Closed Loop for Styrenics

The Germany-based company INEOS Styrolution has demonstrated that a circular economy regarding styrenics is possible. That is a considerable step forward, based on mechanical and chemical recycling. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company produces styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS standard and styrenic specialties with more than 90 years of experience and production facilities in Europe, […]

Cross Wrap Helps to Update Recycling Operations

Finnish machine manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy has been providing automatic bale wrapping machines for over 26 years. The company’s original Cross Wrap bale wrapping method has become an industry-standard in waste and alternative fuel bale wrapping. Today Cross Wrap’s lineup consists of machines for bale wrapping, automa­tic bale openening, bale dewiring, and board product packaging. […]

ADuro Shredders: New Product Line for Recycling

Austria-based international technology Group Andritz has launched its new ADuro product line for primary and secondary shredding, fine granulation as well as for breaking up material composites. “ADuro shredders feature highest durability and are perfectly suited to processing almost all raw materials in the recycling industry”, the company emphasized. “They can be installed easily in […]

Artificial Intelligence: The Recycling Revolution

The evolution of artificial intelligence these past years has been dazzling. On the one hand, there is a permanent competition in the field of software to have leading algorithms, the most innovative and “deep” neural networks, and to see which one is the one more implemented and spread through the different industrial sectors. On the […]

Global Launch on a Digital Platform

In June, Tomra Sorting Recycling launched globally – via internet – the new generation technology “Autosort” and “Autosort Speedair”, and also outlined plans for the forthcoming launch of a third new solution. “The ‘Symphony of all Sorts’ theme was chosen to reflect the way in which the latest generation Autosort and its complementary products create […]

Portugal Suspends Waste Imports

Portugal has suspended imports of waste until the end of 2020 to protect domestic landfill capacity, news agency Reuters reported in May, referring to a statement of the government. The country usually attracts waste from other European states because of its low waste management fees: The treatment of a ton would cost 11 Euro; the […]

Applying Standards to the Circular Economy

The circular economy calls for a radical shift in production and consumption. Continual cycles recover and restore products, components and materials through strategies such as reuse, repair, remanufacture and, ultimately, recycling. It is a systemic approach to managing resources. Material efficiency is an essential part of the circular economy. It consists of the preservation of […]

USA: Recycling of Coal Mine Equipment

The metal division of Land Betterment Corporation can clean up the environment by entering into a partnership to recycle retired coal railcars and old coal mine infrastructure. As reported, it has entered into a multiyear agreement with a “third party scrap metal company”. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, the company will allocate certain […]

Switzerland Helps to Boost Egypt’s E-Waste Recycling Industry

In March this year, Switzerland and Egypt agreed to extend the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) project – originally launched in the country in 2016 and completed in 2018 – through an additional grant contribution for the period 2020-2023. The first project, launched 2016 in Egypt, aimed to support sustainable integration and participation of small and […]

Unlocking the Value of “Hidden” Metals

The world of metal recycling is never straightforward, with sometimes the slightest market variable causing significant volatility in global trade. But throw Covid-19 into the mix, and like many industries, scrap became an even more complex place to be. When the lockdown was first announced, certain countries, such as Italy, brought everything to a halt. […]

Yarn Collection Made of Recycled Materials

Belgian company European Spinning Group (ESG) offers an upcycled yarn collection of recycled cotton, recycled denim or recycled polyester, blended with virgin raw white and dope dyed fibers for environmentally friendly circular fabrics with optimal performance. As reported on, more than 40,000 kilograms of post-consumer material was recycled and upcycled with the ESG “Green” […]

Sweden: Large-Scale Automated Textile Sorting Facility

The plant represents the third phase of the Swedish Innovation Platform for Textile Sorting (SIPTex) project; the start of operation is intended to begin in summer this year. In July last year, the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has been given green light for a collaborative initiative to establish this industrial-scale automated textile sorting plant. Vinnova, […]

Textile Recycling in Finland

In October last year, the company Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy (LSJH) has launched a refinement plant pilot in Turku, focusing on the recycling of post-consumer textiles. The objective is to ensure a recycling solution for all the end-of-life textiles generated in Finland. The refinement plant project has been prepared in cooperation with other Finnish municipal waste […]

The Artist of our Cover Photo and his Commitment

Benjamin Von Wong, born 1986, is a Canadian artist, activist and photographer, who is best known for his environmental art installations and hyper-realist art style. He is also an advocate against Ocean Plastics. In 2007, he graduated from Canadian McGill University with a degree in Mining Engineering. Von Wong began his career working as an […]