Eriez Shred1 Bolsters Shredders’ Profits Amidst Growing Low-Copper Shred Demand

The Eriez Shred1 Ballistic Separator is propelling shredder yards to greater profitability with the power to capitalize on the surging demand for low-copper shred from steelmakers. With the integration of Shred1 into their operations, recyclers are gaining a distinct competitive advantage by producing a premium ferrous shred that not only meets escalating market requirements but […]

The New XHW Primary Grinder: Improved Performance and Reduced Consumption

Forrec is an Italian company that designs, manufactures, installs and manages single machines and complete plants for waste treatment. For years, Forrec has been working in the field of machinery for the recycling of metals, MSW, plastics, paper and WEEE, constantly investing in research and development for optimizing recycling lines. In Spain, Forrec is supported […]

Appointment of New Convention Committee Chairman: Brian Henesey Joins BIR’s Leadership Team

BIR President Susie Burrage OBE has appointed Brian Henesey as new Chairman of the organisation’s Convention Committee. Brian Henesey brings a wealth of experience and passion for the recycling industry to this crucial role, with over 30 years of experience in the recycled materials industry. Currently, he is Vice President and General Manager at Rocky […]

Half a Billion Aerosol Cans Recycled

DeSpray Environmental, a leading company in the aerosol recycling technology, has announced a major achievement. “The combined efforts of DeSpray cofounders Mike MacKay and Eelco Osse, over the last 25 years, have resulted in 560 million + aerosol cans being 100 percent recycled and removed from the waste stream,“ the company pointed out. This accomplishment […]

From Bottle to Flake: Pioneering the Path to Sustainable Plastic Recycling

In an era where sustainability transcends choice to become a necessity, the transformation of plastic from bottle to flake symbolizes the epitome of recycling, embodying the circular economy’s principles. This journey, initiated by individuals depositing their used plastic bottles, culminates in these materials being reborn as pellets ready for crafting new bottles, showcasing technological innovation […]

Creating Value from Waste in the Steelmaking Industry

In January this year, the European ZHyRON project was launched in Spain to pioneer a new process for recycling steel-making by-products based on using green hydrogen. As reported by independent non-profit media agency, nine companies and institutions from six European countries collaborate to pioneer a valorization pathway for steel-making by-products rich in iron and […]

How to Choose the right Permanent Overband Magnet

Permanent Overband Magnets are commonplace in most mines and quarries, removing tramp ferrous metal and protecting crushers, screens and conveyors against damage. However, there are different designs of such magnets developed to suit specific applications. According to Bunting, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators, eddy current separators, metal detectors and electrostatic […]

Panizzolo Recycling Systems: Solutions that Innovate the Future

The rapid transformations involving the metal recovery sector present significant challenges for companies. But how do businesses respond to change? The vision of Panizzolo Recycling Systems, a leading Italian company in the sector, helps us understand how to prepare to make the most of future opportunities. In this exclusive interview with Mauro Panizzolo, the owner […]

Mattress Recycling: Repolyol from Polyurethane Foam

German-based H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH has realized an industrial-scale reactor plant for RetourMatras, a Dutch recycling company specialized in dismantling of mattresses and their transformation into circular resources. The plant uses an advanced depolymerization recycling technology to produce high-quality recycled polyol (Repolyol) from polyurethane foam (PU) from end-of-life mattresses, the plant manufacturer explained. Polyol is one […]

Europe’s Leading Machine Manufacturers Utilize TRO’s Industrial Knives

For nearly a century, TRO – cutting tools, has been a strong representative of the production of industrial knives. Over the years, TRO has evolved into a global supplier of industrial knives, securing a prominent position among the largest producers in Europe. With a modern approach and a workforce of 150 employees, TRO operates as […]

Excavator Liebherr R 980 SME in Slag Handling Operations

German company Backes Transport und Schlackenaufbereitung GmbH uses the Liebherr R 980 SME crawler excavator for loading hot and cold slag. To meet the challenges of this kind of operation, the machine was specially built per the customer’s requirements. For slag loading work, the machine is equipped with special safety devices such as a fire-fighting […]

Sorting of Aluminum Alloys

The Italian corporation SGM Magnetics, one of the leaders in X-ray sorting technologies for metal recyclers including X-ray Transmission and X-ray Fluorescence is now launching its latest proprietary X-ray technology called XRF-BS. This technology consists in the combination of X-ray Fluorescence with X-ray Back Scattering presented as an alternative to LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) […]

Climate Friendly Future Depends on a Successful Circular Transition

Currently, the production, consumption and disposal of products and food are responsible for almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions and up to 90 percent of biodiversity loss, according to the latest Circular Cities Declaration report. This take-make-waste approach is exacerbating the consequences of climate change and, as the demand for strategic resources such as […]

ESWET Welcomes Landmark EU Parliament Vote on Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA)

On April 25, the European Parliament passed the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA), recognising and strengthening Waste-to-Energy’s role towards a greener Europe. ESWET* welcomes the EU’s ambition that led to this bold move and acknowledges the cooperation of the European institutions to get this legislation over the line. NZIA will accelerate the deployment of technology […]

Mechanical Recycling Must Take Priority and Be Incentivized

Chemical recycling needs careful consideration and well-informed, market-based policies to ensure that it complements rather than competes with traditional recycling methods, it has been stressed by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) in its latest position paper. Mechanical recycling must remain the preferred method on a large scale whereas chemical recycling should be used only […]