PICVISA Committed to the Circular Fashion Economy

“The equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second, while less than one percent of the clothing is recycled into new clothes”, says a report that informs about a new vision for a circular system.*) The circular economy model calls for a new textiles economy, in which clothes are designed differently, worn […]

NTU Singapore Scientists Developed Upcycling Method for E-Waste Plastics

E-waste plastics are rarely recycled due to their complex composition and hazardous additives. Scientists at Singaporean Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed a new use for e-waste plastics: repurposing them as an alternative to the plastics used in laboratory cell culture containers, such as Petri dishes. The team of NTU Singapore-CEA Alliance for Research in […]

New Technology to Maintain the Mechanical Strength of Plastic Waste

Japan-based chemical company Green Science Alliance has received a license agreement from Fukuoka University to carry out a new recycling technology that can recover the mechanical strength of plastic waste relatively simple and effective. Professor Shigeru Yao from Fukuoka University, Japan, has been researching plastic waste from the polymer physics aspect of view. Therefore, the […]

Recycling of Slags and Furnace Bricks in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Haver & Boecker Niagara: With a view to optimized process flow for the recycling of non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are indispensable for the economy of highly technical industrialized countries. On the one hand, they provide a basis for existing technologies in electronics and electrical engineering, mechanical and automotive engineering, and the construction sector. And on […]

India: Collecting and Recycling of River Waste

In August this year, Finnish firm Riverrecycle Oy has announced that its collection unit for river debris and plastic waste on the Mithi river in Mumbai is operational after the testing phase. “The solution supports the local waste management by converting plastic waste into raw materials for plastic and other products, with direct benefits to […]

Metal Waste Can Be Transformed in Aerogels

Scientists of the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a technique to upcycle metal waste into multi-purpose aerogels (porous ultralight materials). Metals are used in cookware, tools, electric appliances, electric wires, computer chips and jewelry, to name but a few applications. With the growing demand for metal products, it is crucial to promote sustainable […]

Laser-based Sensor Technology for Recycling Metals

In order to help the industry have greater access to raw materials, the German partners – Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT and Cronimet Ferroleg. GmbH – have jointly developed a laser-based sorting process for metal scrap. The sensor they have developed as part of the “PLUS” project (PLUS = Pilot plant for laser-based sorting […]

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Using Waste Clay

Engineers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) repurpose excavation waste to produce greener and stronger concrete. Concrete is made up of water, cement and a filler such as sand. The cement industry alone is responsible for about eight percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, and the production of concrete consumes ten percent of […]

BEUMER Group: High-capacity Packaging System Handles Films Made of Recycled Materials

Many packaging system owners, who fix and package goods ready for dispatch by using stretch film for transshipment on pallets are unsettled: Since the beginning of 2019 the new packaging law has been in force. Its aim is to avoid waste and increase recycling. Therefore, many films will contain more recycled material in future, which […]

Ocean Legacy Foundation Launches EPIC Academy

EPIC Academy is a free online educational platform providing worldwide communities with essential knowledge regarding ocean plastic pollution, cleanup efforts, and solutions for creating plastic-free environments Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF), a Canadian non-profit organization that develops and implements worldwide plastic pollution emergency response programs, with the goal to end ocean plastic pollution, announced that they […]