A New Recycling Technology for Carbon Fiber

Asahi Kasei, a diversified Japanese multinational company, has developed a new technology for recycling carbon fiber plastic compounds with the National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College and Tokyo University of Science. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are highly attractive for various industries in demanding application fields due to their unique balance of rigidity, mechanical strength […]

Tire Recycling to Reduce Environmental Impact

State-of-the-art technologies provide full control of challenging chemical recycling processes. The recycling of end-of-life tires (ELTs) is a real challenge due to the durability of materials and the harm they cause to the environment. And considering the fact that tires are produced in very large quantities, this is indeed a problem of enormous scale. Separating […]

ProDIGIT: Software to Optimize Waste Treatment

With its ProDIGIT operating software, the internationally active Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH is optimizing the market for sorting and processing plants in the recycling sector. As reported, the ProDIGIT software offers operators of sorting plants material flow-optimized waste treatment, significantly increasing the efficiency of their various plant components. “The software uses data from material detection and […]

Recycling Mixed Plastics: Method without Climate Impact

According to Swedish Chalmers University of Technology, its recycling method could decouple new plastic products from the supply of new fossil raw materials. As reported, researchers at Chalmers have demonstrated in a study how the carbon atoms in mixed waste can replace all fossil raw materials in the production of new plastic. “The recycling method […]

Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Industry 4.0

According to German provider H2O GmbH, VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems ensure the safe separation of substances in wastewater from the chemical/pharmaceutical industry. The internationally active company has further developed its VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems for treating wastewater from the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, and has presented the first wastewater treatment system with access to Industrie 4.0 at […]

How PICVISA Uses Hyperspectral Vision for Textile’s Recycling

2025 is the key year. By then, all countries of the European Union will have to manage 100 percent of their textile waste, more than 16 million tons per year, as established by the European directives on textile recycling and waste management adopted in 2018. Technology takes a leading role in the automated classification of […]

Bringing Recycling into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Just because something is recyclable does not automatically mean it is recycled. However, AMP Robotics wants to change that. Their application of artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify and recover recyclables with rates of speed and precision previously unknown to the industry. GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine wanted to learn more about the American company […]

Real-Time Data Visualization to Create New Value

“STEINERT.view” is a monitoring solution for sensor-based sorting machines made by German manufacturer Steinert. The monitoring solution gives users insight into the availability and output of individual machines, allowing them to learn more about the condition of their applications or sorting facility, the firm explained its advantages. “For the first time ever, this detailed machine […]

Recirculation with AI: A Second Life for Vehicle Components

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a central role in the German “EIBA” project. A huge number of used parts end up in the scrapyard for recycling every year. According to the Berlin-based Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, it is more resource-efficient to remanufacture alternators, starters and the like as part of a […]

Wastewater Treatment Plant on Cork Floating Islands

In Lourosa, S. Pedro do Sul, Portugal, a different and innovative WWTP – Wastewater Treatment Plant – started operating, having floating plants on cork. According to Nuno Gomes, mentor of the project, which was developed by the Portuguese company Bluemater in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites, the facility is “the first WWTP in the world […]