LIFE PST SORT: Innovating Solution for the Material Recovery from End-of-life Vehicle (ELV) Shredding Residues

The LIFE PST SORT project is being successfully developed and is currently entering its third demonstration stage of recyclable waste recovering from ELV shredding rejects, which otherwise would have been sent directly to landfill or incineration. Expressions of interest can be sent in writing to CALAF – PICVISA ( or via the project website: […]

Ukraine: Recycling of Pesticide Packaging Waste

The Ukrainian European Business Association (EBA) announced the launch of a project on the recycling of used packaging. In Ukraine, the packaging waste of plant protection products is mostly discarded or reused for counterfeiting, the association described the current situation. “These factors significantly increase the risk of environmental pollution and adversely affect human health. In […]

Customized Recycled PET through BBE-Technology

The BB Engineering VacuFil process enables the re-utilization of PET – or polyester*) – waste into high-end textile filament and fiber products in defined qualities. Sustainable handling of natural resources is a global task, the Germany-based company BB Engineering (BBE) underlines. This would relate in particular to the further development of the circular economy for […]

Financed: 90 Renewable Energy Projects

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has been supporting the country’s effort towards driving energy transition at home and around the world by financing innovative renewable-energy projects. As reported, the fund has consistently increased its portfolio of such undertakings. By now, it has […]

Nextek Limited: Far From Sorted

According to a global analysis by The PEW Trusts, titled Breaking the Plastic Wave, one should be able to cut annual flows of plastic into the ocean by about 80 percent in the next 20 years by applying existing solutions and technologies. They continue to point out that no single solution is going to achieve […]

Baerlocher to Feature Additive Solutions for the Circular Economy at the 2021 SPE International Polyolefins Conference

The company will present new test results on stabilization of PCR content to improve quality and help meet growing demand for recycled content in end-use applications Baerlocher, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, will highlight the contributions of its advanced resin stabilization technology (RST) to the circular economy at the virtual 2021 SPE International […]

Second Round of Consultation Launched on Certification Scheme for WEEE & Waste Batteries Collection and Recycling

CEWASTE, a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, recently launched the second consultation phase of its voluntary certification scheme. The scheme is aimed at collection, transport and treatment facilities of key types of waste containing significant amounts of valuable and critical raw materials. It seeks to facilitate the increased, and legitimate, recycling […]

Avery Dennison Launches Label-Liner Recycling Program in Europe

Easy, cost-effective liner recycling program is part of longtime labelling leader’s sustainability vision. As part of its ongoing efforts to help establish a circular economy, Avery Dennison today announced the launch of AD Circular, a comprehensive program providing recycling of used paper and filmic label liners in countries across Europe. Through the program, companies can […]

Circular Economy: Zinc Recycling to Preserve Natural Resources

The REAZN Group is continuously working at the optimization of its zinc recycling technologies in the context of its prime grade zinc alloy production. The European group improves the recovery rate of zinc units and saves valuable raw materials from the waste stream. Zinc: 100 % recyclable REAZN strongly believes that zinc is one of […]

CEFLEX Shows New Market Potential for Recyclates from Flexible Packaging

A new Quality Recycling Process (QRP) for flexible packaging, from CEFLEX and its stakeholders, shows high value applications for recycled polymers from a mechanical recycling process is viable. CEFLEX says the breakthrough process has been developed in the consortium’s Sustainable End Markets workstream. “We have reached a milestone through the power of value chain collaboration […]